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How to Get Into Sports Science and Become a Sports Agent

In the world of sports, there are numerous career aspects for you to consider, including sports science or becoming a sports coach. Whether you’re interested in doing a sports science degree at university, curious about sports science degree entry requirements, or wondering about job opportunities, we have all the answers. In this article, you will […]

Myers Briggs Personality Types

Have you ever wondered why you behave the way you do or struggled to explain your inherent traits to others? Understanding your personality type can shed light on your unique characteristics and help you navigate various aspects of your life. The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a popular personality assessment tool. It has been […]

The Most Famous & Notorious Criminals in History

Every country has its fair share of crimes and the morbidly fascinating criminals that commit them. Interest has only piqued in true crime over recent years, but the world’s most notorious criminals remain the most absorbing. So which criminals continue to hold our interest?     Interested in what makes criminals do what they do? Look at […]

Who Are The Best Inventors of All Time?

Where would we be without the invention of the lightbulb, or the car? Inventions, and their inventors, are a key part of us being where we are today. All it takes is a genius mind and a simple idea to get the ball rolling, revolutionise our lives and become one of the best inventors of […]

Evolution Of Forensic Science and Criminology (Infographic)

The history of forensic science and criminology is older than you know.  You might think of it as starting with the CSI series of TV programmes.  The glitz, glamour and intrigue of these programmes might even have pushed you towards researching criminology courses.  However, the truth is that the history of forensic science and criminology […]

Facts About The Sun For Kids & Adults

The universe and our place within it are of ever-increasing fascination.  The idea that we can trace our origins in the stars, or that the stars can tell us our future inspires scientists across the globe. Physics courses explore all aspects of space and its relationship to Earth.  The sun is the most significant area […]

Find Out How Crimes Are Solved (and How YOU Can Solve Them!)

From motoring offences to murder, people commit crimes every day. Some of these are unintentional, with no premeditation or planning – they just happen, such as a car accident. Other people meticulously plan the crime they commit, right down to the last detail. They will take many steps to avoid detection. When (or if) they […]

The Hidden Figures of History

The ‘Hidden Figures’ movie, due for release early in 2017, is an incredible untold story of three women, Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughn and Mary Jackson. They were brilliant mathematicians and physicists, qualified in engineering and specialist areas such as sonic boom science. And yet their contribution to science has remained hidden for decades. They are […]

How Forensic Science Would Have Caught Michael Myers In ‘Halloween’

Love them or hate them, horror movies are a great source of study for anyone looking at forensic science courses online. Grizzly and bloody, the scenes in horror movies can emulate those that a forensic scientist may work on in real life. The horror movie franchise ‘Halloween’ presents a significant challenge to forensic scientists. What […]

You Can Gain Forensic Science Qualifications Online

Crime scene investigators, also known as CSIs, are an important cog in the process of solving crime. Sometimes, perpetrators are not caught at the time but, as science and our knowledge expands and develops, many people who committed crimes decades ago are now being brought to justice. To be a CSI, you need to be […]