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Life Coaching Courses

Life coaching courses are perfect for individuals with excellent interpersonal skills and is willing to help people achieve their goals. The role of a life coach is to provide support and guidance to people looking to change or improve a certain aspect of their life. This can be emotional or health related and, in the overall sense, it can mean total life support and life coaching.

A life coach would advise and assist people in reaching certain goals such as changing their career, hitting a target weight or improving personal skills. This is a challenging career with soft skills essential so it is likely the site will have other courses that are essential in being a life coach such as listening and communication skills.

Professional life coaches are sometimes used by businesses to improve results and morale within a team and specialise in corporate events, they can also be used in the sporting world so, as you can see, life coaching courses are going to explore a range of personality traits and soft skills.

Life Coaching courses available through NCC are below:

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