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What to do after teaching – Alternative career paths

Teaching is a rewarding career, but for some people, it isn’t quite the right fit. Some people want a more technical role, a higher rate of pay, or a bigger challenge...
Stressed teacher
10 November
15 min

How COVID-19 has changed education for better, and for worse

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our world forever, impacting all aspects of social, economic, political, and community life. No sector has been hit as hard as the...
Child in an online lesson
1 November
15 min

Facts about the Job Support Scheme

Coronavirus is a constantly changing picture and the advice and guidance from government is updated frequently. This newsletter is focused on the new Job Support Scheme...
1 October
6 min
Career Advice

How to get a career working with animals

Do you love dogs, cats, rabbits, and everything on four legs? Does spending time with four-legged friends sound like heaven on earth? Do you want to work in a rewarding...
dog and dog trainer
10 October
16 min
Career Advice

How to make the most of your gap year

Are you planning to take a year between the end of sixth form and the start of Uni? If so, you’re one of the many young people across the UK (and around the world) who...
student travelling during gap year
5 October
17 min

UCAS Points Explained – How to earn enough to get into uni

If you want to live out your dreams and enter into the career you’ve always wanted, you need to go to the right university. Understanding the UCAS (The University and...
University graduation
15 September
30 min

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