Facts About The Sun For Kids & Adults

Facts About The Sun For Kids & Adults

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The universe and our place within it are of ever-increasing fascination.  The idea that we can trace our origins in the stars, or that the stars can tell us our future inspires scientists across the globe. Physics courses explore all aspects of space and its relationship to Earth.  The sun is the most significant area of study, not only because of its size but due to its influence.  It accounts for all but 0.14% of the mass in the entire solar systems, so it is an understatement to say it is vast.  However, equally, our survival as a species relies on the sun rays and keeping its power in check. This research has resulted in plenty of fun facts about the sun.

Despite all the research and knowledge about the sun, we take this ball of burning gas for granted.  We map our days by its rising and falling, but what do we really know about it? Here are some wonderful facts about the sun that will make you appreciate that special star.

The History of the Sun

Through history, many people have worshipped the sun.  Ancient civilisations have been looking to the perfect sphere of fire and determining its power as like that of a god.  It is possible to suggest they are right even in a literal sense, as it is a reason for our life, and it will one day consume the Earth in its fires.

Rather than a living omnipotent presence, the sun is a main sequence star.  It is made of mostly hydrogen and helium.  In the context of the whole universe, our sun is not that large.  It is a lot larger than most of the stars in the sky, which are call Red Dwarfs, but it is tiny in comparison to the Red Giants.

Scientists are intrigued by the sun because of the potential of nuclear fusion.  Many are attempting to recreate the explosive capacity of the sun in energy plants across the world.  Some scientists are intrigued by the radiation it omits and its impact on our vegetation and our health.

There are so many more interesting facts about the sun that many of us were not taught at school. NCC Home Learning offers a variety of online science courses which will allow you to learn more about the sun and so much more about the wonderful world around us. Browse through our wide range of courses today.

Facts About The Sun

There are many facts about the sun that many of us were never taught or have simply forgotten. From its origins to the distance from the sun to the earth, the sun is one of the most extraordinary stars in the solar system. Take a look at our interesting graphic full of the best facts about the sun that everyone should know.

facts about the sun graphic



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