Who Are The Best Inventors of All Time?

Who Are The Best Inventors of All Time?

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Where would we be without the invention of the lightbulb, or the car? Inventions, and their inventors, are a key part of us being where we are today. All it takes is a genius mind and a simple idea to get the ball rolling, revolutionise our lives and become one of the best inventors of all time. Even in the past 30 years, inventions have been conceived which have completely changed the trajectory of humanity.

Have you ever thought about who are the best inventors of all time? Or which the most important inventions are? Or where the most creative inventors were born? Our infographic explores this and much more.

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So Who Are The Best Inventors of All Time?

The history of inventors and their inventions is a long and varied one. From Johannes Gutenberg and his printing press in 1450 to DVDs in 1998, a lot of things that we take for granted took a genius mind and a lot of trial and error. But who are the best inventors? We’ve taken a look at some of the most important inventions in human history and the genius minds behind them to find out who are the best inventors and where they came from.

Take a look at our findings in the Battle of the Inventors infographic below:

best inventors of all time infographic

Who Do You Think Are The Best Inventors of All Time?

From our research and the conglomeration of inventions that have come before us, who do you think are the best inventors of all time? Edison? Lovelace? Latimer? Or perhaps there’s someone that we missed? Let us know who you think deserves the title of the best inventor of all time in the comments below!




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