What Makes a Genius?

What Makes a Genius?

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Do you think that you’re a genius?

Only 1 in 10 million people around the world qualify as a genius, meaning there really aren’t that many around. To be a genius, you need to excel in many areas and have a personality and set of skills that lend themselves to going above and beyond without getting distracted.

What Is A Genius?

A genius is someone who is very intelligent and usually excels in one specific area (science or mathematics, for example). They generally have extraordinary creative abilities, which allow them to look outside the box and view things in a way that the majority of us aren’t capable of. These abilities mean geniuses can turn their hand to many skills, often having successful careers and being praised for their abilities to innovate.

How To Be A Genius

Most geniuses are born that way and have a genetic predisposition for greatness. However, there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from climbing the ladder to get closer to the ‘genius’ label. To be a genius, you need to continuously push your brain to its limits and never stop soaking up knowledge. Train your brain into thinking like a genius by:

  1. Take time to think. Stop rushing from one activity to the other. Geniuses have the ability to come up with all sorts of concepts and plans by simply sitting still and thinking. Set time aside to come up with ideas and allow yourself to enter a state of ‘deep thinking’.
  2. Keep learning. A genius should never stop learning. Throw yourself into education in your free time. Even taking online courses can help you to expand the horizons of your mind.
  3. Read books. Many people don’t take the time to read anymore. Pick books on subjects you love, and try to spend an hour reading every day. Challenge yourself to read 100 books in a year – you might surprise yourself with what you can do.
  4. Understand different points of view. Everyone has an opinion on everything, and sometimes, other people’s thoughts won’t align with yours. Spend time understanding opposite points of view – this will broaden your understanding of a topic and train your brain to think about more areas.

Signs of Genius

There are many signs of genius that point toward someone possessing above average intelligence, including:

  1. Natural curiosity
  2. Abstract thinking
  3. Risk-taking
  4. Rejecting routines

We’ve put together a handy infographic to walk you through the signs of genius and everything you need to know about what makes a genius.

What Makes A Genius Infographic

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