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Health & Social Care

CACHE Award in Awareness of Dementia RQF

Learners will acquire the knowledge to work with those suffering from dementia and discover how to provide professional care to help combat the illness.

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Level 3 / NCFE CACHE Certificate / OLC11

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Course introduction

With 1 in 6 people over the age of 80 suffering from dementia - and with this figure expected to rise to more than two million by 2050 - ensuring our friends, families and loved ones are cared for has never been more important.

Luckily the skills and knowledge taught on our CACHE Level 3 Award in Awareness of Dementia (RQF) can instantly provide you with an insight into all aspects of dementia – recognition, diagnosis and its neurology – so you can effectively assist with their care.

This online learning course is a fantastic way to expand awareness on dementia, so no matter whether you wish to pursue a career in this field or simply want to support a loved one; you can do so with complete and utter confidence.

With every unit you finish, you will acquire a greater understanding of how dementia care works and the difference a person-centred approach can make whilst supplying care to combat the illness.

It is truly an insightful course that will enlighten the way you engage, communicate and interact with dementia patients.

Unit 1: Understand the process and experience of dementia

  • Understand the neurology of dementia
  • Understand the impact of recognition and diagnosis of dementia
  • Understand how dementia care must be underpinned by a person-centred approach

Unit 2: Understand the administration of medication to individuals with dementia using a person centred approach

  • Understand the common medications available to and appropriate for, individuals with dementia
  • Understand how to provide person-centred care to individuals through the appropriate and effective use of medication

Unit 3: Understand the role of communication and interactions with individuals who have dementia

  • Understand that individuals with dementia may communicate in different ways
  • Understand the importance of positive interactions with individuals with dementia
  • Understand the factors which can affect interactions and communication of individuals with dementia

Unit 4: Understand the diversity of individuals with dementia and the importance of inclusion

  • Understand the concept of diversity and its relevance to working with individuals who have dementia
  • Understand that each individual’s experience of dementia is unique
  • Understand the importance of working in a person-centred way and how this links to inclusion

Take advantage of becoming a part of the CACHE Alumni once you have enrolled on any of our CACHE courses. CACHE Alumni is a professional membership network for those who work in the healthcare and education industries. It is free to join and it supports practitioners, learners, and educators throughout their learning journey. Some of the benefits from joining CACHE Alumni include access to the latest articles across the healthcare sector for two years and complete access to useful webinars, podcasts, and career support.

Qualification Title: NCFE CACHE Level 3 Award in Awareness of Dementia
Qualification Number: 600/3085/9
Total Credits: 11

Required knowledge

This course is perfect for anyone simply looking to broaden their awareness on dementia and the various care approaches that can be applied, as no prior experience or knowledge is needed.

If however, you are already working within a health care role, this qualification can add a competitive edge to your CV that will enable you to broaden your experience and specialities within this field.


To gain this CACHE Level 3 Award in Awareness of Dementia RQF you will need to pass all 4 mandatory units. This can be achieved by navigating your way through our course lessons and completing 5 written assignments based on your learning. Once read and marked by your tutor - alongside your grading - you’ll receive invaluable feedback which can be used to strengthen results on future assignments.

No formal examinations are required. Nor are you expected to deal with the expense of textbooks. Instead with the help and support of a personal tutor; you will be supplied with all of the course materials, lessons and resources you ever could need to successfully complete this course.


Awarding organisation

Upon completion of this qualification, learners will be awarded with a CACHE Level 3 certificate and an OLC Diploma.

This qualification is taught, assessed and quality assured by Oakwood Home Learning, a CACHE accredited training provider (centre number 03445.000) who partner with NCC providing qualifications delivered through home learning. The course materials and tutor support are provided by Oakwood Home Learning and all students are enrolled through them with CACHE certifications requested by the Oakwood Home Learning on behalf of students who have completed their qualification.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be awarded with a CACHE Level 3 Certificate and an OLC Certificate.

CACHE are the UK’s leading awarding body within the care and education sectors. Their courses are seen as an industry standard, with many employers requesting CACHE certifications for their roles.

Course modules

Unit 1: Understand the process and experience of dementia

Unit 2: Understand the administration of medication to individuals with dementia using a person centred approach

Unit 3: Understand the role of communication and interactions with individuals who have dementia

Unit 4: Understand the diversity of individuals with dementia and the importance of inclusion

Learner support

Split into 4 units - that can be completed from the comfort of your own home over a 12 month period (following enrolment) - our CACHE Level 3 Award in Awareness of Dementia aims to cover all elements of dementia care.

From understanding what dementia is and the benefit of person centred approaches, to learning about the administration of medication, and the importance of communication and interaction; by the end of this online course you will walk away with a qualification that will make you stand out from the crowd.

One of the fantastic things about our online learning courses is that they can be completed at your own pace, without any interference from your existing job. Instead you can register onto this course and after a minimum of 86 hours guided learning, achieve an impressive CACHE qualification.

Similarly, our CACHE Level 3 Award in Awareness of Dementia may be a distance learning course - and yes it may be designed to be completed online - however you will never be alone.

From the moment you register and receive your login credentials, you will gain access to your very own personal tutor; who aside from supplying you with course materials and resources (available 24/7/365 days a year), will always be on hand to answer any questions, queries or concerns you may have.

In fact, our course tutors are experts in their field and are actively involved in the creation of our course materials; meaning the advice and pointers they give can greatly help you to improve your skills and learning experience. More importantly, their expertise can help you to more effectively learn how to work closely with those suffering from dementia.

PLEASE NOTE: this is a knowledge only qualification, so no work experience/placements are required. Nor are you expected to do any practical assessment. All assessments comprise of written assignments which are based on the lesson materials provided. The certification fee is included with your course fees.


What does NCC stand for?

NCC originally stood for the National Consortium of FE (Further Education) Colleges. This brought together the FE Colleges to achieve the best provision. Regular national meetings were attended by both Colleges and Government agencies who funded them. This was very helpful to them both to best deliver training to their students.

For more than 25 years NCC has supplied FE Colleges with learning materials as well as student marketing.

NCC now specialise in online training of a very high quality to students both self-funded, paid for by schools, employers and training providers.

What is distance learning?

Distance learning is the most flexible and convenient approach to studying. There is no need for you to attend college and you can study anytime, anyplace, anywhere that fits in with your lifestyle. Distance learning programmes are ideal for people who may have a job, family commitments, or any other commitment that won’t allow them time off to study.

What is the difference between the online and paper versions of courses?

Both our online and paper courses are completed via an online learning portal (LMS) which you can access after you receive your login details by email. Please ensure that you check your junk email if you do not receive your login details within 48 hours.

All learners will submit their assignments, receive feedback and correspond with their tutor directly through the LMS. If you require help from our support team, then simply email [email protected].

If you opt for the online course, you will not receive any course materials through the post. Everything is available via the LMS.

If you opt for the paper version, you are simply paying for a study book to be printed and posted to your home, or place of work. You will use this book as a reference guide, but you will still be required to upload your assignments and correspond with your tutor via the LMS.

If you are unable to access our online LMS, we do have alternative options available, so please email [email protected] in order to request further support.

What do I need to do to get started?

We recommend that you choose a course that will interest you and help you to achieve your ambitions. If you would like some advice, or further information, contact us here or dial 0333 3445 690.

To purchase a course, simply click on the ‘Buy now’ button against your chosen course and follow the on screen instructions. Alternatively if you would prefer to purchase the course over the phone, call 0333 3445 690 and speak to one of our expert course advisors.

How much will it cost?

The cost largely depends on the type and size of the course. The course cost is determined by the expenses associated with its provision, taking into consideration the course's size and complexity, development costs, the presence of a study materials, and the level of tutor support required. Some courses also necessitate additional in-person assessments by assessors, which incur additional expenses and consequently affect the course's cost.

All prices are clearly stated on the course description page and will always be displayed prior to you committing to purchase a course.

Please note that there may be additional fees required should your course require an external invigilated assessment, such as A Levels, ICB qualifications etc. To clarify, please speak to a course advisor.

How do I enrol?

Once you've chosen your course, you have two options for enrolment:

  1. You can purchase the course online by clicking the "Buy now" button, which will enrol you automatically.
  2. Alternatively, you can call our helpline at 0333 3445 690, and our expert course advisors will assist you in signing up for the course and arrange for the delivery of any requested additional learning materials to your address.

All courses are available to purchase in full or via affordable monthly payments over 12 months. A £29 non-refundable deposit is required for monthly payments, and you will be required to set up a monthly direct debit.

We do not require you to complete a credit check to sign up for monthly payments.

How quickly will I receive my course materials?

We guarantee that you will receive any course materials ordered within 5 working days of registering, but for many of our courses it may take no more than 48 hours.

The course materials are always sent to you via a tracked courier service, to ensure that you receive your study book within our stated period.

Do I need any additional books or equipment to do my course?

All the relevant information required to complete your course is available via the LMS. Additional research via the internet is encouraged, depending on the level you are working at, to bolster knowledge of the subject area.

There is no requirement to purchase any additional materials.

What support will I receive?

You will have access to a dedicated personal tutor whom you can contact through the Learning Management System (LMS) for assistance and guidance on any course-related matters. Your tutor will only initiate contact in response to your messages. If you encounter any difficulties reaching your tutor, please don't hesitate to email us at [email protected]

Many courses require you to submit work to your tutor during the period of study, and your tutor will assess your work and provide feedback to you within 10 working days. Your tutor is available to you as much as you need them.

Please note that the course includes tutor support for a duration of 12 months. If you require additional time, please inform us, and we will make every effort to provide you with an option for a paid extension, if feasible, to assist you in completing your course.

Please be aware that our tutors are actively assisting multiple learners, and to ensure they are not inundated with excessive workloads, we have implemented a policy limiting learners to submitting a maximum of three units of work for evaluation at any given time. We recommend that you upload your completed units as you finish them. This way, you can benefit from your tutor's feedback to enhance your future assignment submissions.

How long will it take for my work to be marked by my tutor?

Your work will be marked and feedback returned to you within 10 working days after submission. This is because our tutors are required to provide detailed, considered feedback to our learners that may take a while to formulate. We find that by working this way, our learners actually complete their course in less time, as they rarely need to submit an assignment more than twice.

Whilst it is possible to submit multiple assignments at the same time, we advise that our learners submit only one at a time. We want our learners to develop as they progress through their course, and find this is best achieved when a student embarks on a new module having taken into account tutor feedback from the previous submission.

Kindly note that our tutors are currently supporting multiple learners simultaneously. In order to maintain a balanced workload for them, we have established a policy that restricts learners to submitting a maximum of three units of work for evaluation at any given time.

How long should it take to complete a course?

Depending on the course you have chosen, and the amount of time you can commit, it could take from 6 weeks to 12 months to complete your course. Your end of support date is when you need to have your course copmpleted by in order to be able to be certificated, this is usually 12 months from purchase.

The duration of the course is largely down to you. The beauty of home learning is that it allows you complete flexibility to fit your studies around your lifestyle and other commitments. You can dedicate as much, or as little, time as you want to your studies - no one will be chasing you for your work or asking why you haven’t submitted an assignment.

We do strongly recommend, though, that before you purchase a course you assess your ability to commit the necessary time to completing the course in a timeframe that will not leave you losing your motivation.

Will I have to sit an examination?

All of our courses are accredited, so you need to show that you have acquired the knowledge to pass the course – this may involve sitting an examination, but it depends on the course you have chosen.

Some courses require you to be continually assessed throughout the course, while others may require an end of course exam or assignment (which may be completed at home) to be submitted to your tutor.

Certain types of qualifications, A-levels and GCSEs for example, do require you to sit invigilated exams at a registered test centre. You will need to organise and pay for the examinations yourself, however full details of what you need to do will be available from the centre who are delivering the qualification.

If in doubt, please email [email protected], NCC can then discuss or put you in touch directly with the course provider.

Will I receive a qualification when I complete the course?

All of our courses are accredited and you will receive a certificate upon successful completion of the course.

For more information about this please see the section of the website that details how awarding bodies work and what the different types of qualifications are:

Can I take more than one course at a time?

Yes, you can take as many courses as your time allows, but we would recommend that you clearly evaluate how much time you can commit to your courses of study.

The good news is that if your circumstances change you can always take a limited break and come back to your studies to save your paid for support.

If you decide to enrol on more than one course at the same time, speak to our enquiries team for any bundle deals or offers.

Can I study from outside the UK?

Certainly, in most instances, there are no geographical constraints on where you can undertake your studies. However, it's important to note that specific courses may be subject to geographical limitations imposed by the Awarding Organisation, and these restrictions will be clearly stated in the course description.

You just need to be aware that all tutors are based in the UK and work may need to be submitted to them via post, although in most cases e-mail can be used.

Where the course requires that you sit an invigilated exam at a test centre, there are many exam centres outside of the UK. However, we would advise that you check with us before purchasing one of these courses if you want to study from abroad.

What if I’ve chosen the wrong course?

If, after receiving the course, you decide it isn’t the right course for you, you may return the materials within 14 days, provided you have not yet submitted any coursework for evaluation. Please note that you will be responsible for covering the return shipping costs. We will refund your payment, minus a non-refundable deposit of £29. Additionally, you have the option to select an alternative course that better matches your goals and aspirations.

For any help on cancelling your course please email [email protected], we will only deal with cancellation enquiries via email.

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Totum is the new brand for UK student cards and replaces the old NUS student card. NCC students are eligible to sign-up for the Totum card where applicable, giving access to a multitude of retail, food and travel special discounts. For more information, you can visit their website:

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