Training courses can be a company benefit for staff

Training courses can be a company benefit for staff

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If you offer training courses, such as online business administration courses, you could provide attractive benefits to ambitious people.  The training online courses with qualifications are not just a way of ensuring your current workforce are more effective, but that you care about the continued development of your staff.

In fact, training is a vital ingredient in a benefits package.  Any form of education program or policy of continuing professional development will offer benefits to the individual but also the company.

A return on your investment in your team

You will improve productivity and the adherence of the individual to quality standards in your sector.  You will also need to help your employees develop the skill sets that will deliver your goals for your business and allow you to move your team to different areas that need more staffing at given points.  With a well-trained workforce, you will be highly responsive to change.

Training courses improve not only company morale but also the level of competitiveness and profitability of a business.  Each member of your team that is well-trained will offer a return on this investment through the satisfaction of your customers and the positive reputation of your business.  This return will also come from the avoidance of wastage.  The level of staff churn and absenteeism will be reduced and any loss of time and profits from accidents in the workplace will add to the returns from training.

You will also become more attractive to recruits.  You will be able to demand the attention of the pool of talent – getting to pick from the best crop.  A training programme speaks of your ambition as a business to continue to improve.

The importance of a training strategy

It is not just about having a commitment to training as a part of your benefits package.  You also need a training strategy that you can sell to the top candidates who might be interested in your posts.  This strategy needs to speak of systematic training and improvement of the people in your organisation.  You should be clear how this training programme meets the company’s top-level strategy but also encourage individuals to have personal goals.

The training strategy should make mention of the objectives of the in-work education, should emphasise the importance of team development and team building – but also offer a sense that the individual will enjoy development as a leader.  Above all else, there should be a clear commitment to the coaching of the people in your company – where growth can be personalised to individual needs.

The modes of training can vary.  You may offer on-the-job training or mentor schemes, where experienced staff members share wisdom from years of hands-on work in your sector.  You may provide access to a course where the individual can undertake individual study or develop a programme of in-house training.  You have a lot of flexibility to put together a package that suits your business and the needs of your team.


One way to begin to design your training strategy is to track back to your end-user.  If you start with the customer or client and consider their needs – then you can come up with a strategy that will help your workforce deliver on these needs.  The action plan you will develop will suggest deliverables from the training that can then be measured in the outcomes of your business.

You will complement your strategy with a monitoring system.  You will need to continually evaluate and assess whether the training you are offering is delivering for your team and for your company.  Being sure of how you will see success will allow for training to achieve your goals.

Selling your training package

The reason for having a training strategy as a part of your benefits package is that it allows you to attract the best talent to your company.  You want to be a serious contender for the recruitment of the top graduates and those successful professionals looking to progress throughout their career.  Therefore, your strategy needs to be transmitted into the career marketplace.  You can do this through word of mouth of current and past employees but also by seeking accreditation and recognition of your commitment to training your team.  It should become a part of your company brand.

The essential takeaway

A successful training package offered as part of your company benefits will attract the best professionals to your company.  It is an investment that will ultimately provide a return because of the positive impact on your company reputation. It is fair to say you cannot afford not to invest in appropriate training and learning.

Nick Cooper
Nick is NCC's resident blog author and covers a range of subjects, including teaching and health & social care. NCC is an international learning provider with over 20 years’ experience offering learning solutions. To date, NCC has engaged with over 20,000 employers, and delivered quality training to over half a million learners.
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