The Most In-Demand Jobs in 2020

The Most In-Demand Jobs in 2020

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If you are worried about job security and are looking for a career with a bright future – where should you apply? Making yourself appealing in today’s recruitment market is essential.  It could be making small choices, such as taking online web design courses. Equally, it could be complicated, choosing to retrain in financial technology.  Whatever choice you make, you need to be sure you are heading into a sector where there is a shortage of talent like yours.

Here we guide you through some of the most in-demand jobs in 2020 to help guide your study or influence your job applications.

Digital and video marketing

There is a huge demand for talent in the digital and video marketing space.  The world is a noisy place to get noticed, and every company and organisation is looking for a way to get seen.  Therefore, learning how to make a message a compelling call to action is a highly attractive skillset.  Although marketing is a fiercely competitive sector if you can distinguish yourself, you will be onto a winner.

Blockchain developer

As you would imagine, much of the work in-demand now is technology-related. Cryptocurrency is a significant area of growth, as organisations and countries are looking for quicker and easier ways to move investments and funds around the world.  Even though blockchain did not yet exist 15 years ago, there are now hundreds of digital currencies in operation.  Understanding how to mine blockchain or how to use the technology infrastructure for other applications could quickly secure your future in the long term.

Physical therapist

If tech is not your thing and you are desperate to work with people, then physical therapy could be exactly the role for you.  There has been an upward growth of therapists in 2019, and this is expected to increase even more in 2020.

The emphasis on physical wellbeing has increased the demand for this post.  Equally, the ageing population has made the need for rehabilitation, pain management and mobility assistance even more acute.

Fortunately, for those in this trade, there has been no technology developed that can replace the human manipulation of bones, muscles and joints.  Therefore, the demand must be met with recruitment.  This is a job that offers enormous satisfaction, as well as the flexibility to work in health services or private practice.

Technicians in security, fire and other services

The people who install security systems, burglar alarms, fire alarms, CCTV and other access controls are in high demand.  Most technicians are trained on the job, without the need for a graduate degree, and are given plenty of opportunities to progress.  Industry experts believe it is possible to make your way up to a six-figure salary with some application and some skill.

Similarly, if you have a healthy technical mindset, you can go far as a drone operator.  Commercial drones are going to grow in demand, especially if companies start using them to deliver parcels.  The job of a drone pilot is so new that no one knows the potential career heights you could hit.  However, with keen awareness and conscientious concentration, you could go far.

Cybersecurity Project Manager

Cybersecurity, in the age of government scale hacks, is essential for most organisations.  It is not surprising that this is a sector that demands the most highly skilled and talented project managers.  There are likely to be 3.5 million cybersecurity jobs in 2021, and there is expected to be a significant shortage of people capable of taking up the roles.  You have the potential to rise to a good salary, and you might not need specific cybersecurity knowledge, just the experience to guide a project to completion to target and within budget.

A legal career

Along with taxes and death, lawyers are also an inevitability in life. There will always be a need for representation in courts, support when writing binding contracts and advice on how to navigate legislation. You do not have to commit to the many years of education and training to become a lawyer.  There is also a demand for paralegals and legal support staff.  If you want to access the most sought-after positions, you will need to have three or more years in practice.  Experience in areas such as litigation and commercial law is the most in-demand.

Social caregiver

Finally, social caregiving is an in-demand job that might not offer the highest salary but is going to be essential in the coming years.  Our ageing population is putting significant pressure on our health system and care agencies.  Consequently, there will be a need for people to work in facilities for older people or to go into the homes of those in need to offer care.  You may not earn the most money, but you will be guaranteed work throughout your career.

Nick Cooper
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