National Marine Week – 28th July to 12th August 2012!

National Marine Week – 28th July to 12th August 2012!

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The UK’s marine environment is home to some of our most fascinating wildlife, such as basking sharks, grey seals, puffins and dolphins.

Marine Week is organised by The Wildlife Trust each year to celebrate the UK’s amazing sea animals and plants.  The aim of the week is to encourage the public to explore the seashore, discover dunes and wallow with whelks!

Both coastal and inland Wildlife Trusts offer a wide range of events that uncover the magic of the marine world.

If you have a special interest in marine biology or would like to pursue a career in this subject area our Marine Biology Diploma may be the ideal choice for you!

The Marine Biology course provides a complete foundation in the fascinating subject of life in the sea.

Throughout the 10 fully illustrated modules, you will learn about many aspects of oceanography and marine biology such as how oceans are born and die and how life began and evolved in the sea over the past 4 million years.

The course looks at the ocean as an ecological habitat and the amazing evolutionary adaptations of aquatic animals to the harsh marine environment. The course looks at ocean habitats from the poles to the equator and from the sunlit surface of the sea to the dark depths of the deep ocean. Finally the human impact on the marine ecosystem is discussed.

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