What Is It Like To Take Personal Assistant Courses Online?

What Is It Like To Take Personal Assistant Courses Online?

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The world of business is fast-moving and pressured, but can be incredibly rewarding. There are tight deadlines, people to meet and diplomatic steps to take. For any hard-working, forward-thinking chief executive officer, they understand that this is not a role that they can fulfil on their own – they need to be supported by an efficient, skilled personal assistant.

Thus, many people are looking to complete a Personal Assistant Diploma to show potential employers they are qualified, skilled and able to fulfil this kind of role. For those already working as a PA, it is a means of qualifying the role that they already do as well as learning new skills, which could possibly advance their career further.


With more and more companies realising the benefits of employing qualified people in this kind of role, the time to start studying for a Personal Assistant Diploma is now!

And learning through online courses is the way forward for many hard-working and valued PAs.

What is involved in being a Personal Assistant?
The role will vary from one company or organisation to another. It can also vary depending on the person you work for. Everyone operates in a different way and although there may be some commonalities, experienced PAs understand that they have to adapt to new situations with a new chief executive.

Essentially, however, personal assistants will:

  • Understand the organisation that they work for, its structure and its culture (the way things are done)
  • They will have an air of professionalism at all times, even when under pressure – the phone may be ringing off the hook, a delegate of important trade partners arriving, as well as many other things happening at once but a PA will be able to prioritise, bringing order to chaos
  • Communication is key to the role of PA
  • Time management is also key as there are times where there will be important deadlines and so on; missing deadlines can spell disaster for a company
  • As well as working within office management systems and procedures, the PA can also identify weaknesses and create a system that fills tis gap
  • There is no doubt that one of the strongest attributes a PA needs is the ability to work with others
  • An understanding of legal and regulatory requirements within the industry can also be useful
  • Many PAs will also find that they need to deal with difficult situations on a regular basis

A Personal Assistant Diploma can be instrumental in providing and underpinning these skills and attributes.

Getting qualified
For many people, the possibility of being a PA is a challenge that they would like to take on. With more and more companies realising the benefits of employing qualified people in this kind of role, the time to start studying for a Personal Assistant Diploma is now!

As you read this, you will no doubt have identified many obstacles – for example, you may not want to give up your current job to study full time as this may be a financial impossibility. For other people, they simply don’t have the time nor the inclination to return to the classroom; for others, it has to be said, this idea fills them with dread.

There is another way and that is to study for qualifications online and there are many benefits for doing this:

  • Can be cheaper – universities and colleges have overheads and expense that they need to cover which is why some of their courses can be expensive and tuition costs high. At NCC Home Learning we still have qualified tutors offering great support but without the overheads making the costs of courses much cheaper.
  • Self-pacing – for many students learning online, they enjoy the freedom to learn and study at their own pace and in their own time. This means utilising your day so that you work at the times that suit you. There are also times when you may feel you need to do more work on some modules than others and again, because you are in control you can do this – without missing deadlines or falling behind!
  • Fits in with life – from a busy working day to family commitments, there are times when studying seems impossible. Certainly, the thought of attending weekly classes can seem a leap too far. This is why studying online is the perfect option for you.
  • Same value – courses and qualifications studied online have the same value attached to them as those taught in a classroom so you are not missing out.

Enrol today
Enrolling on personal assistant courses is simple, easy and straightforward:

  • Choose from our range of personal assistant courses and diplomas
  • Choose whether you would like to complete the course online or on paper
  • Choose how to pay
  • Pay your deposit
  • That’s it! You are now enrolled on a great course – we look forward to working with you!
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