Education of the rich & famous – how did these famous inspirational people get there?

Education of the rich & famous – how did these famous inspirational people get there?

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The world’s billionaires are only gaining more wealth each year, and as time goes by, wealthier businesspeople, geniuses, and entrepreneurs join the ranks. But have you ever wondered how these famous inspirational people got to where they are today?

How Did Billionaires Make Their Money?

It is well known that the wealth distribution of the world is out of balance. To illustrate this, consider the following:

  • The world’s richest 1% holds 43.4% of the world’s wealth.
  • 53% of the population has under $10,000 and only hold 1.4% of the world’s wealth.

It makes you wonder how the billionaires and other famous inspirational people of the world, the rich, and the famous got to where they are – is this wealth unreachable for everyone else? Did they have a privileged start in life, or did they just get a good education?

The NCC Home Learning team decided to do some digging to find out more about the education of the rich and famous, their failures, successes, and which experiences moulded who they are today. Or, if you’re already ready to take the next steps in your education, you can browse through our online courses to get started.

How Did These Famous Inspirational People Get Their Education?

Many of us idolise billionaires and their wealthy lifestyles. These rich celebrities become a source of inspiration, and people are willing to hustle their way to the top in the shadow of their favourite famous inspirational people. But how did these celebrities get to where they are today?

Take a look at our research into the education and background of some of the most recognisable rich and famous people to set you on the same path:

education of famous inspirational people infographic

Data gathered from the sources listed below. All data is correct at the time of creation.


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