Go Green Week! 6th – 11th February 2012

Go Green Week! 6th – 11th February 2012

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Go green week runs between 6th – 11th February 2012 and has been organised by People and Planet.

The purpose of this week is to draw peoples’ attention to climate change and encourage everyone to opt for greener alternatives!

The results of climate change have already drastically affected peoples’ lives.  Although it may seem like incidents such as natural disasters only occur in far away countries the longer we allow climate change to continue the more at risk we become and the more likely we all are to be affected.

NCC Home Learning offer a range of courses to promote environmental awareness in support of Go Green Week!  With one of our home study courses you can learn more about our environment by studying in your own time and at your own pace!

– Environmental Studies A Level
– Developing Environmental Awareness
– Managing Environmental Awareness
– Environmental Science Diploma

To learn more about Go Green Week visit: People and Planet

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