Featured Course – Forensic Science

Featured Course – Forensic Science

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Ever watched an episode of CSI and thought “i’d love to know more about how they do this”, well NCC’s latest featured course is perfect. The simple definition of Forensic Science is “the application of science to the law”. The course uses this definition as a foundation to explore the important details of forensic science in it’s theoretical and practical applications.

If you have an interest in CSO or even currently work in a criminal related field and want to expand your knowledge, this course is perfect for you.

The theory and practical implementation of theory are incredibly important for a forensic science learner and this course tackles both aspects. Developing your knowledge of previous crimes as examples, the course will direct you through the modern crime scene and the tools available for assessing a crime scene. This role can be hugely varied and can involve anything from analysis of drug abusers to identifying flammable liquids used in arson attacks.

Forensic scientists can appear for either side – prosecution or defence. This makes for an interesting role that varies considerably from day to day. Some of the modules included in the course are, Ballistics, Fingerprints, Computer Crime and Forensic Photography. A vast array of skills are gained from completing this 21 module distance learning course.

To take the plunge get the Forensic Science Diploma now from the incredible price of just £272, which includes 12 month tutor support and final certification.

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