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Will Cryptocurrency Replace Cash?

You may have heard about it on the news, across social media and on the TV. Cryptocurrency is already a popular form of digital currency, and judging by how the price for coins like Bitcoin are soaring, it’s set to take over. But will cryptocurrency replace cash? What is cryptocurrency? To put it simply, cryptocurrency […]

Understanding The Stock Market: Where Should You Start?

If the idea of even approaching the stock market scares you, rest assured that you are not alone. From IPOs to shorting stocks, the stock market is brimming with technical jargon that seems almost like a foreign language. However, the stock market is intriguing and offers many exciting opportunities for everyone. The total market value […]

Education of the rich & famous – how did these famous inspirational people get there?

The world’s billionaires are only gaining more wealth each year, and as time goes by, wealthier businesspeople, geniuses, and entrepreneurs join the ranks. But have you ever wondered how these famous inspirational people got to where they are today? How Did Billionaires Make Their Money? It is well known that the wealth distribution of the […]

Career in finance: our guide to securing your future

If you’re looking for a job that challenges you daily, pays you handsomely, and gives you a chance to work with the brightest minds, choosing a career in finance is the answer. Why choose a career in finance? Have you ever wondered why careers in finance attract the top graduates in every university? Simply put, […]

The Difference Between a Bookkeeper and an Accountant

Bookkeepers and accountants are the same thing, right? Wrong. This blog explains the important differences between the two. It is a common misconception that a bookkeeper and accountant are one and the same thing. It is true that they both work with businesses of all shapes and sizes to provide invaluable professional services. Their tasks […]

Do I Need an Accountant if I Am Self-Employed?

Being self-employed means complete responsibility for every aspect of your business, finances included. But this raises a common question: do I need an accountant or not? In the second quarter of 2022, there were 4.29 million people self-employed in the UK. Although this is the most recent set of statistics relating to self-employment, there is […]

How To Improve Your Accounting Efficiency With A Sage Account Course

Accountancy is about looking after the money of a business. All businesses, regardless of their size must keep detailed financial records of money coming in – income – and money going out – expenditure. Payroll is an important aspect of accountancy. The payroll can be defined as the list of a business or company’s employees […]

How To Become A Bookkeeper – And Make A Living From It

In the UK, it is a legal requirement for all businesses to keep accurate and up to date financial records. This applies to all businesses, from sole trader to global corporations. If they fail to this, it is a serious offence, resulting in fines and extreme cases, imprisonment. Therefore, it is vital for any business […]

Basic Accounting Glossary

Regardless of the career you’re pursuing, you’ll need to learn and understand the specialist jargon used in the industry in order to do your job effectively.