You Can Gain Forensic Science Qualifications Online

You Can Gain Forensic Science Qualifications Online

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Crime scene investigators, also known as CSIs, are an important cog in the process of solving crime. Sometimes, perpetrators are not caught at the time but, as science and our knowledge expands and develops, many people who committed crimes decades ago are now being brought to justice.

To be a CSI, you need to be methodical, with clear and logical thinking when faced with a crime scene. You need to know what to look for but you also need to understand that not all evidence and not all clues are left in obvious places to find. Some clues can make little sense too but, these small pieces come together to create a bigger picture.

For those affected by crime, the results are devastating. People can feel unsafe in their own homes but knowing that the authorities are doing everything they can, is a shred of comfort. For many people, this is the motivating factor at becoming qualified with online forensic science courses, knowing that they can and will make a difference.

You could be the CSI at a scene that finds the pieces of evidence that links everything together, effectively solving the crime.


To be a CSI, you need to be methodical, with clear and logical thinking when faced with a crime scene.

Studying from home – can it be done?
You would think that a forensic science officer would spend years honing their skills at university; some officers do but there are many scenes of crimes officers (SOCOs), CSIs, forensic photographers, ballistic experts and so on who honed their craft piece by piece, by studying various courses online and gaining experience in the field.

You too, could take this career path and work in a career that is fulfilling and exciting. But it is not for everyone. There are many crime scenes that are difficult to witness, with obvious signs of struggle and assault. There will also be some scenes in which the victim remains, and you will need to work in this high pressured and difficult environment.

But, with a comprehensive qualification underpinning your practice, you will have the skills and professionalism you need to process the crime scene, ensuring you note and bag all the evidence, take photographs of the scene and the various components within it – and do so correctly so that the investigation and any convictions are not compromised.

But can you study from home and still gain a forensic science qualifications online that are valuable and valued in the field. In fact, studying from home can bring many benefits;

  • Self-discipline – to study at home and balance family, work and social commitments, shows a level of self-discipline that would be welcomed by any employer. You will need to make time to study, but you do this at a time that suits you. This may be an hour or two, three evenings a week, or you may study for an hour every evening, or maybe work on a day off through a module etc. You can research topics online, buy textbooks or download the online version to your Kindle, allowing you to read through a chapter as you wait for your bus to or from work; the
    opportunities to study present themselves in many different ways. By taking advantage of these, you are gaining valuable insight into your course.
  • Affordable – no need to give up work or drop hours. No need to apply for loans or grants. No need to get into debt. You can enrol right now, with a small deposit and then continue paying every month. Or you can pay in one lump sum but, the point is, online forensic courses can be far more affordable that a classroom-based course, without compromising on quality of materials or value of the qualification.
  • Your pace – perhaps the most important aspect of learning from home is that you can study at a pace that suits you. Sometimes, you may grasp a concept or theory quickly, as you may already be familiar with it; if this is the case, you can move on. Or, there may be other concepts or ideas that you are unsure about and may choose to spend some time researching this topic further. The point is – you decide. You set the pace. This is YOUR course.
  • Convenient – home study courses fit to your life, not the other way around. They are mouldable and malleable, making studying for a new qualification, new skills or advancing your current skill-set and knowledge to a higher level so much easier and we think, so much more fun too.
  • Supported – every NCC Home Learning course comes fully supported by a tutor for 12 months which for most students, is ample opportunity to complete their course and to do so successfully. But life throws curve balls so when this happens, you simply opt for some more tutor support and still go on to complete your course successfully.

Apply today and start studying today too
With home study courses, you can start them at any time so there is no need to wait until the stat of the next academic year.

Enrol online today and take the first steps to an exciting new career using online courses with qualifications.

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