Why There is a Job in Marketing for Everyone

Why There is a Job in Marketing for Everyone

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The marketing industry is an extremely popular choice for many people who want to work in the business world. If you’re interested in working in marketing but are unsure whether you’re the right fit, you’re in luck.

There is an extremely wide range of jobs available to suit many different types of interests and skill sets within the world of marketing. Every single business and brand out there requires a marketing team, so there’s always vacancies and movement within the job market. It is a good industry to get experience in as you can gain a lot of skills that are transferable. Whatever brand you love, or category of business you’d like to work for, there’s something for pretty much everyone.

How Can You Find a Job in Marketing?

We’ve put together a list of some of the most popular jobs in marketing for you to explore, so that you can discover one that is the right fit for you. Don’t worry- if you don’t have the skills yet, there are plenty of online marketing courses that can help you get your foot in the door.

Read on to find out more about some of the most popular areas to work in within the world of marketing:

Market Research

If you’re an analytical person, then market research would be the best job type for you within the sphere of marketing. Working in research means that you will research your target audience, and spend some time gathering valuable insights about them. These insights will eventually inform the marketing plan and message. These insights will include things like

  • What your target market’s needs are
  • What they already purchase
  • Where they spend their time.

Research can be conducted through surveys or focus groups. It can also be done merely by studying existing findings. It can be conducted by a business in-house or by hiring an external market research agency. Usually, you will be given a brief by the brand management team where they will ask you to gather insights and data about a particular set of people that they are looking to target. You will then need to go away and gather the data using a blend of qualitative and quantitative methods as required.

Market research doesn’t only consist of gathering customer insight – you will also be required to gather information about the market or category that your brand falls under. For instance, if you are doing market research for a shampoo brand, your team will be the one that is tasked with gathering information on the size of the market and the other players within it.

Working in market research would be ideal for you if you have a great analytical ability, work well with numbers, and are also good at interpreting data and drawing insights from it.  It is the least creative of the departments within marketing, but it is a really great choice for someone who likes learning about people and working with numbers.

Brand Management

This is the job that most people instantly think of when they think of a marketer. A brand manager can be described as a small business owner. As a brand manager, you would be responsible for building and taking care of the image of a brand. They use the data and insights that the market research team provide them to create a brand that is likely to resonate with their target audience.  This includes developing the brand personality, tone of voice and look and feel.

Brand managers will also develop the marketing strategy and campaign that will communicate the brand to the audience. You’d be required to work with a cross functional team to execute all campaigns effectively. Generally, brand managers are asked to do a lot of presentations to internal and external stakeholders. Confidence and passion for the brand you are working for is key, as you will need to live and breathe it as a brand manager!

Budget management is a key component of any brand management job. It helps to be good with numbers, especially if part of your job role is P&L (profit & loss) management. You may also be required to make business cases for any additional budget requests for marketing.

A brand management position would be suitable for those who are business minded, and good with people and communication. There are many marketing courses that you can take to learn more about brand building and how to build an effective brand strategy.

Public Relations

The public relations team is responsible for managing communication with media outlets, consumers, investors and employees. They are often referred to as the spokesperson of a business. The duties of a public relations role could include:

  • Writing press releases
  • Keeping investors and the public informed of any company updates
  • Liaising with the media on any news about the business and new products or services

Having connections within the media world can be a really valuable asset for anyone that works in public relations. This is because a big part of your job will be trying to get journalists to feature your brand or product.

Those who work in public relations would also be responsible for crisis management, as they have to deal with any issues that could result in the company’s image being tarnished. Anything that the business is going through, such as a re-structure, a rebrand, a sale, or any other big news, will be shared with the public relations department first. It will then be their job to draft a press release and share the news with the press and the public.

If this all sounds exciting to you and you have great communication skills, you’d do well in a public relations job. It is essential to be articulate and well-spoken to be successful in the world of public relations. Writing skills are also valuable for anyone working in public relations, as you’ll be required to write a lot of press releases for your company. There are also usually a lot of events to attend outside of work. If you have a more sociable personality and are great at networking, you’re much more likely to enjoy working in public relations.


Though a dedicated promotions team may not exist within the marketing department of a smaller business, in larger companies you will find often find a promotions team. Working in promotions means that you are responsible for creating campaigns that will help to sell and promote a product using an incentive based concept. For instance, anything relating to coupons, gifts with purchase or customer discounts all falls under the umbrella of promotions.

Different promotional tactics could include using in-store displays, direct mail, or events to promote your brand’s product or service. Working in promotions is suitable for those of you who are more sales-minded and efficient at working with other people. There are lots of marketing courses that focus on promotional and direct marketing, and many of these are available online.


Often working in an agency rather than client-side, those who focus on the advertising work on everything involved with the execution of the advertising strategy. You could also be working on planning which media channel is best to advertise in to reach your brand’s target audience. Advertising roles include media campaign planner, advertising account executive, or creative director amongst others. Advertising is a great choice for those who want to be focused more on the creative side of marketing.

If you decide to go down the advertising route, then you will usually work in an advertising agency rather than in-house in a business. This can be a great and very sociable environment to work in. You may sometimes have to work rather long hours, but you’re bound to have a pretty great social life if you work in an advertising agency. Since you’ll be required to keep on top of market trends and what else is going on in the world of advertising, your employer is likely to send you to events and conferences, or enrol you in marketing courses. Working in advertising means always keeping in touch with what competitors are doing, and it’s definitely an exciting and fast paced part of the marketing world to work in.

Hopefully, the above list has helped you see that there are many diverse and interesting jobs in marketing that you could work in. It’s a very diverse and exciting industry.

You need different skills for every job, you’ll find that there’s something to suit anyone. And since there is a marketing department in every business, you are sure to find a brand that you’d really love to work for!

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