What Will the Job Market Look Like in 2020?

What Will the Job Market Look Like in 2020?

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Two years from now, what careers will be taking centre stage? With technology advancing quickly, the job marketing is rapidly changing. What careers are predicted to be popular in 2020?

Technology has impacted on life in many ways, not least of all the job market. For anyone looking to make a career change by upskilling with home courses online, an understanding of how the job market is expected to change is valuable information.

#1 Data analyst

Data analysts are expected to be in even more demand and across all industries by 2020.

Technology gives us a lot of information and data to work with. Valuable and commercially-sensitive, it is only useful if a company understands it.

And that means having a team of people whose aim is to gather this information and interpret the data in a way that makes it meaningful and actionable.

Find out more about being a data analyst.

#2 Computing/mathematical roles will increase

The report from the World Economic Forum highlighted that in the coming years, it expected computing and mathematical based roles to increase significantly.

From computer programmers to software developers, to information security analysts and more, careers within the Information Technology, computing and programming industries are expected to mushroom.

Likewise, to continue to stay ahead in terms of technology, the prediction is everyone from small to large businesses will be in need of serious computing talent and brains.

#3 Architects and engineers

Whilst some careers are expected to shrink – such as installation and maintenance roles – there are others that are expected to mushroom – such as computing – but there are others that are expected to remain stable.

Architects and engineers are two job roles that are expected to remain stable, if not grow a little in the coming years.

For engineers, the opportunities are predicted in biochemicals, nanotechnology, robotics, and materials.

#4 Sales and marketing

Within the swirl of technology, new opportunities arise but others are given a new lease of life or a new slant.

And this is what is expected to happen with sales and marketing. Predictions are that it will no longer be a ‘generic roles’ in which general marketing talent and knowledge will be enough.

Sales and marketing will become more specialised, especially in a marketplace that will become increasingly digital and targeted.

Mobile advertising is expected to be the next big thing but people need the right skills. Is it time to examine home study courses?

#5 Senior management roles

Senior managers will need a range of new skills and abilities to be able to navigate a company or organisation through ‘the water of change’ or so says the World Economic Forum report.

Marketplace changes may be subtle in some industries and sectors, but they can cause a tidal wave of change.

Effectively, it is a case of adapt or die. In the UK, we have lost many high street names, Maplin and Toys R Us being just two, the result say some business analysts of failure to adapt to their changing markets.

Senior managers with relevant skills, such as change management, and the ability to see the bigger picture will be in demand come 2020.

#6 Product designers

We may live in an online world but we still need tangible products to complete many daily tasks.

And that’s why creativity isn’t going anywhere. Designers will still be needed for all kinds of products across the commercial and industrial sectors.

Designing everything from cars to gadgets, to all manner of manufactured goods, if you have creative flair, is this the career for you.

#7 Human resources

Whilst some job roles may disappear completely, there are others that will remain, albeit in a different shape and form.

In terms of organisation and administration, the roles will certainly be changing but there is one that is predicted to remain an important lynchpin in a company – and that the human resources department.

In fact, in a rapidly changing work environment, relying on talented human resources personnel to find the right people with the right skills will be more important than ever.

#8 Dog walkers

It may sound tongue-in-cheek but who would have thought five years ago that dog walkers and dog walking qualifications would be a thing?!

The important lesson is that there will always be roles needed in which another human delivers a service. Whether that is walking your pooch three times a week to having your hair cut, nails done, massage or someone to clean, there will still be vocational careers to pursue.

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