Mental Health In The UK (Infographic)

Mental Health In The UK (Infographic)

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The statistics reported on mental health in the UK are both frightening and comforting in equal measure.  Those who study online counselling courses and mental health courses will already appreciate the core truth the data reveals: people are not alone in their suffering.  Mental health issues can impact anyone at any time, and we are all in equal need of intervention and care.  There is some normality to not feeling OK at specific points in your life.  Therefore, in understanding more about our thoughts and feelings through mental health courses, we could develop critical insight and opportunities to help ourselves and others in the future.

Numbers like 5% of all adults; 10% of the population; one in five people – all quoted in one form or another in our infographic are sobering.  Most disturbing is the number of people who have thought about suicide during the last year.  There seems to be a particular crisis in the experience of men, which may be a consequence of not feeling able to speak up about feelings and disturbing thoughts.

However, there are also other moments of thought to ponder.  Look carefully, and the influence of loneliness and isolation are a significant risk to people’s mental health. It suggests that some of the solutions to this UK picture of mental health is in community, and without it, we risk premature mortality.  People need people.  Look again, and the vital influence of purpose and financial security reveal themselves — people without employment struggle.

When you look closely at the data, you may worry that matters are getting worse.  Over a million people needing NICE level treatment in the UK seems a significant problem.  However, your sensitivity to this issue is heightened as you are reading this.  And you are not alone.  It might not be that our lives are more challenging; it is just we are more educated in the problems people face.  We also feel freer to talk about these issues out loud.  From this openness comes a potential solution, as with more knowledge comes greater control and power.

If you are interested in finding out more, check out our infographic on mental health in the UK.

How mental health is impacting the UK

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