Unwanted Christmas Gifts

Unwanted Christmas Gifts

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So the big day has been and gone, hopefully we all had a great Christmas and are now relaxing and working through the leftover food!

So the big day has been and gone, hopefully we all had a great Christmas and are now relaxing and working through the leftover food!

If you’re anything like us then we’re sure you will have received some presents that are best described as “questionable”, we know we have.
We don’t want to sound ungrateful for any of our presents but let’s face it, we are probably never going to use any of them and they could potentially be relegated to the back of the cupboard or re-used as birthday presents sometime in the New Year.

So today we are going to list the top six unwanted gifts that we always seem to receive at Christmas.

We always seem to receive socks and underwear for Christmas. This on the face of things isn’t a bad thing as we’re always loosing single socks or running out of clean clothes. The problem is, the socks and underwear that we usually receive are ghastly looking! It could be those novelty boxer shorts with the antlers sewn on the side or those bright pink socks with yellow polka dots making your feet resemble Mr Blobby! This type of gift is not practical, the only use we’ve found for them is either use as a makeshift car polisher or for fancy dress. Odds are that we will all have received some type of sock/underwear for Christmas, our fingers are crossed that the type you have is at least mildly acceptable!

Bath Sets
This gift is a huge bugbear, mainly for the girls in the office! Receiving a bath set might look all well and good, some of the lads in the office have admitted to sending them to their sisters and female friends this year, but apparently it’s a big no-no. Upon further investigation this is for two reasons. The first being the assumption that the receiver has enough time in their day to enjoy a nice relaxing bath with all the trimmings; candles, baths salts, body butter etc, etc. Apparently most people don’t have the time for a long soak, no matter how much they might like it. The second is because they just don’t like the brand or type you have chosen for them. Point taken, never buy bath sets in the future!

Deodorant Gift Sets
Much like the bath sets with the girls, it seems that the lads have the same problem with deodorant sets. The usual suspect is a Lynx Africa gift set containing a deodorant spray and a bottle of shower gel. After a quick poll in the office, it seems that every lad has received this specific gift set at least once in a Christmas past. Coupling this up with the Bath Set gifts we are guessing that as certain fragrance stores and pharmacies have special offers on gifts before Christmas this type of present is an easy choice for Christmas shoppers across the UK! In the future let’s at least mix up the fragrance!

Another one that is mainly for the lads, when you get to a certain age we seem to receive tools of all varieties as Christmas gifts. The problem is, if you needed the tools you would probably already have them and if you didn’t have them then you’re probably never going to use them. Upon investigation the types of tool we have received are as follows, tape measures, spanner kits, hammer sets and even a universal Allen Key. This is another gift that will probably spend all year sitting on a shelf in the shed waiting to be passed on to their next home.

As a standalone present, chocolate is by no means a bad gift, in fact, it was featured on our Last Minute Christmas Gift Blog, as one of the preferred presents to buy someone if you were in a rush. The problem with chocolates is that we tend to be over faced with them. Usually chocolates are purchased “for the house” before Christmas, then we end up receiving them from a number of different people, leaving a mountain to get through in the New Year. If we just received one selection box or a couple of Ferrero Rocher’s, it would be great, not so much when you’re living room resembles something from Willy Wonker’s workshop!

Onesie (for people aged 12 months and above)
This one came in from the left field from a member of our team, his reasoning, no one should ever receive a onesie, EVER. He was quite adamant in the fact so we decided to reward his tenacity and include it in our list. Love them or hate them, onesies are quite popular as lounge wear. However, admittedly, if we did receive a onesie as a Christmas present we would probably cringe, no matter how cute we would look dressed like a lamb or minion.
Whether you have received any unwanted gifts or not, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you all well for the New Year and say Thank You for supporting us throughout 2015!

Nick Cooper
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