The UK’s Top Five Places to Live

The UK’s Top Five Places to Live

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Choosing where to live can be a difficult decision to make, as it will have an effect on your entire life. So where actually is the ‘best’ place to live? It can be described as being close to amenities, have a low crime rate, a good education system, affordability, employment opportunities etc. So it is it important that you weigh up your options.

1) Hart, Hampshire

This is the UK’s most desirable place to live according to the Halifax’s Quality of Life Survey. It is situated in the South East. Hart is home to the healthiest residents in England, with a high life expectancy. It is set in tranquil surroundings with beautiful scenery.

2) Uttlesford, East of England

Uttlesford is located in Essex, and is said to have the best living standards within the region. The striking market town of Saffron Walden can be found here, which is home to a number of historic buildings. It is also well known for its rural appearance.

3) South Northamptonshire

This has been named the third most popular location to live in the UK. This is a very popular location to live in. It is well known for the Silverstone racing circuit. It is also famous for the British Grand Prix and the Moto GP. South Northamptonshire has two old market towns known as Brackley and Towcester, and has miles of beautiful countryside for you to enjoy.

4) Waverley, South East

Waverley is situated in Surrey. Popular towns such as Haslemere are located here. People who live in Waverley will benefit from a good quality of life in rural Britain. A good number of residents have a high income and excellent health. There is high employment and low crime rate. In Waverley, you will find plenty of wooded areas and countryside. It is also popular with individuals who enjoy visiting historic parks.

5) East Hertfordshire, South East

This is the fifth most popular place to live in the UK. It has thriving towns with charming villages and is located in the countryside. East Hertfordshire has a history which dates back to the Middle Stone Age. There are plenty of river valleys, open farmland, and woodland which all contributes to the picturesque landscape.

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