Top 5 Twitter Accounts Where You May Learn Something New

Top 5 Twitter Accounts Where You May Learn Something New

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“desideratum (/dɪˌsɪdəˈreɪtəm, -ˈrɑ-, -ˌzɪd-/) – n: something wanted or needed.”

This account isn’t necessarily just for the lexicographer’s among us (people who write dictionaries), and nor should anyone suffering from Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia (phobia of long words…how ironic) be particularly worried. This account provides interesting and unusual words for you to improve your vocabulary. This account tweets every few days and does not bombard you with retweets from other “sister” accounts which is quite refreshing.

“In Nevada “none of the above” is an option on ballots”

The home of amazing facts, mental floss was established as a magazine in 2001 and now has a circulation of over 100,000 copies in 17 countries. The constantly updated twitter account provides amazing facts in bite-size chunks. Reliability is a huge factor when following “amazing facts” and mental floss is as reputable as they come. The learning potential is vast, you will have your local pub quiz teams fighting over you in no time at all.

“Deepak Chopras 5 ways to fight sugar cravings”

Deepak Chopra is an Indian-American author, known by many as the go to guy for anything holistic health and alternative medicine. Deepak has attracted criticism from certain sections of the scientific community for his methods and ideas, but there are a large amount of his followers that have experienced great success from following his alternative therapies. The tweets offered have some interesting content in anything from healthy eating tips to the roots of enlightenment and personal development.

“A floating McDonald’s was made for the Vancouver Expo of 1986”

This is the first account on our list that is exclusively made up of photographs. Above you can see the run down remains of the first ever “McBarge” which was showcased in Vancouver in 1986. This account has the ideal mix of nostalgia and interesting subject matter. The atmospheric nature of many of the photos posted within this account never fails to pull you directly through the lens of the photographer and into scene. The eclectic mix of subjects keeps you coming back for more. The educational aspect of this account comes in the form of documenting historic events in ways which many will have never seen before, one particular highlight is a German U-Boat 155 exhibited near the Tower Bridge in London after World War I, 1919.

@stephenfry “New run of Gadget Man starts tomorrow on C4 – sadly not with me in it , I just didn’t have time to pack a new series into my schedule”

Probably the person most synonymous with the Twitter brand and one of the pioneers of the social media platform, Fry has developed a large following on Twitter and is known for his witty nature and intelligence. The host of a television show QI (Quite Interesting), should tell you that there is plenty of tweets worthy of claiming some storage space in your brain. With the odd bit of celebrity glamour thrown in this account will appeal to a wide range of people and Stephen will no doubt have you gripped and waiting for the next tweet with baited breath.

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