Top 5: Lavish Celebrity Weddings

Top 5: Lavish Celebrity Weddings

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5. David Beckham and Victoria Adams

The happy couple: the couple remain together after 15 years of marriage

No celebrity weddings list countdown is complete without the “it” couple of the late 90’s. The wedding was seen by many as relatively understated (for celebrities), held at Luttrellstown Castle in Dublin and attended only by 29 relatives and close friends. The extravagance wasn’t spared in other aspects of the event, such as the £60,000 Vera Wang dress and the £160,000 antique jewellery. The couple have since become a worldwide brand. Clothing lines, fragrances, car designs and also the small matter of setting up a new football team in Miami. Their vows have stuck through a number of re-locations dictated by David’s football career with Madrid, Milan, LA, and Paris all being on the list.

TOTAL COST: £500,000 

4. Madonna and Guy Ritchie

The Queen of Pop: Madonna’s marriage to grungy London film director, Guy Ritchie ended after 4 years.

The queen of pop made waves in the celebrity weddings world, marrying director and producer Guy Ritchie in 2000. Just like Posh and Becks, the choice of location was a castle but this time, Skibo in the Scottish Highlands. Madonna married Ritchie (10 years her junior) in front of star names such as George Clooney, Donatella Versace and Brad Pitt. The food and champagne bill alone came in at a massive £550,000 and the Stella McCartney gown costing around £50,000. The marriage didn’t end particularly well, with Ritchie claiming he felt like his marriage was one big soap opera.

TOTAL COST: £1.1 million


3. Liza Minelli and David Gest

Broadway Star: The Hollywood royalty is now on her fourth husband

The first all American affair on our list may come as a surprise, but when your best man is Michael Jackson and Maid of Honour Elizabeth Taylor the wedding becomes inherently extravagant. The Broadway star has been rocking red carpets all over the world for over 40 years. Her marriage to American Producer David Gest in 2002 was subject to huge media interest. The entertainment bill included international superstars. Stevie Wonder and Tony Bennet serenaded the guests who found the experience so incredible it was compared to the Grammy Awards. The couple lasted 16 months before splitting, meaning the $4.3 million spent averaged out at around £268,000 per month for the time they were together!

TOTAL COST : $4.3 Million

2. Prince William and Kate Middleton

The Royal Wave: The couple were the talk of the world in 2011

The priceless event was televised and reported in over 180 countries worldwide, making it the most viewed wedding in history. Kicking things off, Kate stayed in a £5,000 per night suite at the 5 Star Goring Hotel in the sought after area of Belgravia. Kate arrived in a Rolls Royce Phantom VI, but Prince William trumped that slightly with his specially designed 20 ft long Bentley. The extravagance was carried through the rest of the event with 300 ft red carpets, flowers from the Sandringham Estate and flyovers from the RAF. The reception, naturally, was held at Buckingham Palace and the Queen hosted 650 guests. Over 10,000 canapés were served at the wedding, washed down with £200 a bottle Pol Roger NC Brut champagne. 

TOTAL COST: £20 Million+

1. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid as Maktoum and Sheikha Hind Bint Maktoum

Al Maktoum Yacht: The Maktoum yacht tells you everything you need to know about their extravagance

Well this is the wedding of all weddings and the extravagance is completely unmatched. The Prime Minister and ruler of Dubai married his first wife in 1979. The Sheikh decided no venue was suitable for the grandeur he had in mind, so his solution was to purpose build his very own hall to accommodate 20,000 guests. A five day national holiday was declared in order to commemorate the event.  Mohammed bin Rashid rode on horseback to all of the local villages to provide food for the festivities. The marriage has stayed strong, even though the Sheikh married a new “junior” wife in 2004 (polygamy is legal in Dubai). The couple have been instrumental in the development of Dubai as one of the world’s strongest economies, with it now holding a number of world first’s and records. 

TOTAL COST – $137 million

Love is in the air, and who knows, this might be the year when you have to plan a wedding! NCC offer a Level 3 Wedding Planner Diploma that covers everything you need to know about planning the perfect wedding. 

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