Top 5 jobs for any extrovert

Top 5 jobs for any extrovert

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An extrovert is a person who thrives off being around other people.  It is often thought that an extrovert must be outgoing and flamboyant.  This is not always the case.  An extrovert can be quiet and keep themselves to themselves.  However, when they do meet with people, they feel energised by the experience.  Does this describe you?

There are all sorts of jobs you might have struck off your list because you decided you were bad with people.  You may have thought about online healthcare courses or courses that lead to a customer-facing profession – but decided against these because you thought you needed to be more outgoing.

Here we explore other jobs for people who come alive after working with other people.


A lot of the work of legal professionals is done with people.  It might be interviewing a client or working on a case with colleagues.  Although the most rewarding part of the job might ultimately be in the performance in the courtroom, the real grit of a lawyer’s work is in day to day contact with people.  This job is perfect for someone who thrives off the complexities of people.  You do not need to be an entertainer to be an excellent lawyer, but you do need to feel energised by the interaction with other people.

If you want to be a lawyer, you should also be sure that you demonstrate good judgement as well as an extrovert personality.  You should be able to make decisions about how to act and what to say in pressurised situations.


There is probably no other job out there that requires a more extrovert personality.  You need to be comfortable approaching people and sustaining the conversation long after they may have wanted to leave it.  You need to thrive off competitive impulses, feeling exuberant when the deal is closed.  Your reward will be in the numbers and from the numbers in the bonus you receive.

If you want to be a successful sales manager, you are going to need resilience.  Giving up should not be an option.

Hair and Beauty

If you are going to do people’s hair, makeup or de-hair the bits other people don’t want to see, then you are going to need to be an extrovert.  You need to be able to talk to people in awkward situations and help them feel comfortable.  Your job is to give them an experience that makes them feel good about themselves.  It is not so much that they should consider you your friend, but that they think that they have connected with you.

A successful hair and beauty technician will have the hard skills needed to use the products, but they will also make people feel special.

Life Coach

If you really love seeing other people thrive, then a life coach is the role for you.  You will be energised by the successes of others.  You will do work similar to a psychologist – meeting with clients each day.  Your first task is to put the people at ease and help them get to the bottom of the blocks getting in the way of life and work successes.

To be ultimately successful, you will need to be patient.  You will need to listen, really listen, and sometimes ask questions that will make the person feel uncomfortable.  This is not the job for the extrovert who wants to be the centre of attention.  This is the role for the extrovert who wants to work with people because it makes them come alive.


If you are a performer and you still want to guide people to their potential, then you would do well as a teacher.  Standing in front of a class of teenagers takes a degree of extroversion that would make many people crumble.  However, the best teachers are those that connect with individuals while working with the group.  Teaching is about adapting to the people who you need to help – and although you feel that all eyes are on your, you are not the most important person in the room.  This is a strange dynamic to manage, but once mastered, is incredibly rewarding.

It is probably best to steer clear from teaching if you are not keen on children.  However, if you are patient, calm and kind, then this could be the job of the extrovert for you.

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