Top 10 Reasons You Know You’re British

Top 10 Reasons You Know You’re British

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Have you ever wondered just how British you actually are? Well now you can judge for yourself with our top 10 reasons you know you’re British!

1. You know all the words to Don’t Look Back in Anger

A true staple of Britishness is when the classic Oasis hit is played, you know ALL the words, from memory, and join in with everyone else in reciting them in unison. Forget God Save the Queen, this song is the true Anthem of Great Britain.

2. There is a specific name for people from your region

Unique to Britain, every area, no matter how big or small, usually has its own name for the people who hail from there. We all know the most popular regional nicknames – Scouser, Cockney, Geordie, Brummie etc. But have you ever heard of a Woollyback or a Sand Dancer? What’s even more surprising, considering how small Great Britain is compared to most other countries, is that each of these regions will also have their own accent or dialect!

3. You’ve been on a terrible seaside holiday

Whether it be Blackpool, Southend, Barry or Dunoon, we’ve all been on a ghastly trip to a seaside resort somewhere in the UK. Usually let down by the Great British weather and questionable accommodation, the only redeeming feature is a visit to the local amusement arcade and the 2p machine. I’m still trying to win a cuddly lion from one of those claw machines!

4. Saturday Morning TV

No matter our age or what generation we grew up in, we have all watched trash TV on a Saturday morning! Whether it be Swap Shop, Saturday Superstore, Live & Kicking, SMTV or Dick & Dom. We have all risen from our pits first thing on a Saturday morning and been glued to the box with an assortment of weird and wonderful shows. I don’t know how many times I wished I could Challenge Ant!

5. You’ve had the pointless Jaffa Cake argument

You can forget “which came first, the Chicken or the Egg”! The ultimate British debate deals with something much more integral to society: “Is a Jaffa Cake a biscuit or a cake?” We’ve all had it, whether it be down the pub, in the office or at school. What’s more, the answer to this debate will not affect our lives in any way whatsoever – which is what makes the debate that little bit more British! FYI – it is definitely, absolutely, unequivocally a cake! Brits are the best at arguing over pointless facts, and there’s nothing more British than a pub debate over weird UK laws – we’re sure we’ve all had an argument over whether you can really wee in a policeman’s hat when you’re pregnant, or if it’s actually a legal requirement for taxi drivers to carry a bale of hay.

6. A nice brew will solve all life’s problems

A good cup of tea is somehow a miracle cure for all ailments. Sprained your ankle? Have a brew. Broke up with your partner? Have a brew. Tea is a very British institution, probably due to its medicinal purposes! We’re not too sure how this works, but it does, so we’re not asking any questions, we’ll just keep calm carry on drinking this magic potion.

7. Everyone knows someone called Dave

This is just one of those rare anomalies which we all have in common. Unlike the popular game “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” we can all proudly say that we know someone called Dave, rather than just being linked through friends of friends. So next time you bump into your Dave, thank them for making you a part of a united Great Britain!

8. Feed the Ducks

As a child every British person in the history of this great nation has at some point donned their best raincoat, grabbed a loaf of stale bread and proceeded to provide sustenance to our local aquatic fowl. Although in recent years, the powers that be have decided that it is in fact unhealthy and potentially dangerous to feed ducks bread. This doesn’t change the fact that we’ve all done it…. Shame on us, but the ducks didn’t seem to mind at the time!

9. We love to hate road works

There are three things that are inevitable in life; death, taxes and road works. Sometime throughout the day we will encounter road works. When the particular stretch of road is complete they will just pop-up somewhere else. It’s just something we need to get used to. But secretly, as much as it enrages us that a 5 minute journey is now a 7 ½ minute journey, road works are great! Not only do they give us an alternative to the weather when talking to a complete stranger, but also they keep us from work in the morning by that extra 2 ½ minutes …. Lovely Jubbly!

10. Remember, remember, the fifth of November

What separates Britain from the rest of the world is our celebration of Bonfire Night. Yes, we might have our Royal Family, Roundabouts, Driving on Left (right side) road, Lifts, Cricket etc. But the thing that really sets us apart as a nation is November 5th. The Chinese can have their New Year, Americans can have Independence Day, Latin America Cinco de Mayo but in Britain we are proud of Bonfire night! Is there anything more British than standing in a queue, to see mediocre fireworks and stand around an open fire, while it rains? Nope, didn’t think so!

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