These dream jobs actually exist

These dream jobs actually exist

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You might completely love your job, but everyone dreams of those hard-to-believe dream careers – where we get paid for something we love doing.  There are distance learning courses for most jobs – but maybe not some of these unique jobs that really do, honestly, entirely truthfully, do exist.  They may only be a little out of your reach, so you can still look on with an appropriate amount of envy at those who hold these dream jobs.

Professional Cuddler

Maybe not one for those with a significant personal space issue, but there are professional cuddlers in the world.  Their role is to give lonely people the much-needed company they need – and a little bit of human contact.  The rules of professional cuddling suggest there are no other motives for the hugs – just a desire to make someone feel a little bit better – so you can feel noble as you earn your cash.


Technically, if we were going to be completely honest, a person who cares for penguins is a zoologist.  However, why would we possibly ruin a good article by being precise with those language terms – penguinologist sounds so much cooler – pun intended – as you might need your coat – but who wouldn’t mind cold toes to protect Pingu and his pals.

Bed Warmer

There are a few hotels in the world that love you to feel comfortable beyond the norm – so they hire human electric blankets – people to warm the guests’ beds before they enter helping them get a better night sleep.  Cold sheets can lower the body temperature and can wake you up.  Some people have the money to spend to prevent this inconvenience.  But, who wouldn’t want to get paid to go to bed for a while?

Tea Taster

Not only do you spend your day tasting tea, which always brings great happiness, but you also get a decent starting salary. You will also need to travel around the world, finding the best blends to taste – such a chore. Well, not really.

If you are not a fan of tea, then maybe you could live with the role of chocolate taster? What about wine or beer taster? How wonderful would your days be?

Waterslide Tester

It exists.  Honest.  Someone was employed recently to travel the world and ride the waterslides. They got paid to go on holiday and be a kid again – with no queues.  Unfortunately, you are unlikely to see this in your job search but just knowing it exists makes us happy.

Fortune Cookie Writer

Technically, if we were being super honest, a fortune cookie writer is likely a freelance writer who just happens to write your cookie message.  It could be you – as these are people contracted to churn out ten words or less pithy content offering wisdom – you can.

Professional Sleeper

Have you ever dreamt of taking a nap at work?  The good news is that in this job if you did, you would be excelling in your role.  Professional sleepers are essential to researchers who need to understand how sleep impacts our brain – and the rest of our body.  You are not only getting a good rest, but you are helping to create good science that will help our doctors.  A sleeping hero!

If you want something a little less serious, then become a mystery shopper for hotel chains.  You will be sent to some of the loveliest (and potentially crumbiest) hotels in the world to see if you get a good night of sleep.

Netflix Tagger

Woah! Hang on!  You can sit for hours watching TV shows and get paid.  Netflix Taggers are not only real, but they are essential to that personal experience you enjoy from the streaming service.  If these people did not sacrifice hours of their life watching TV shows and films tagging them with their genre and type – you would never find what you wanted to watch.  Obviously, we would all sacrifice our time to the cause of our TV bingeing buddies.

A Panda’s Nanny

There are real-life pandas in the world who need real-life comforting and cuddling.  It will seem like an impossible dream, but you will not only work with these cute critters, but you will also get paid.  The job description asks you to play with them, be there for them, and share their joys and sorrows.

Food Stylist

Ever followed a recipe and thought that yours doesn’t look like the picture – well there is a good reason for this – a professional designer is employed to style the food, so it looks perfect.  A food stylist can organise those ingredients in the most aesthetically pleasing way, so you could just eat it from the page.

Island Caretaker

Leaving the best for last…  You don’t need to worry about your holidays ever again.  There is no need to go somewhere for two weeks when you could live holiday life year-round.  Island caretaker is not only a six-figure job, but you get your island paradise rent-free too.  Your responsibilities? You must seek out all the fun the island offers, just like the tourists, but every so often, send some photos and blogs to the tourism company. Amazing.

Nick Cooper
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