The Ultimate Wedding Planner Checklist

The Ultimate Wedding Planner Checklist

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No matter the size of the guest list, wedding planning courses can be a worthwhile move.

The question has been asked, the corks have popped and everyone, including the happy couple, are looking forward to the big day.

However, planning a wedding can take time and energy, as well as vast amounts of money. Or, you can plan for a small, intimate wedding or one on a budget. No matter what the size of the wedding guest list nor the budget, wedding planning courses can be a worthwhile move.

We have created a simple checklist of all the things that need arranging between now and your big day. We have assumed you are allowing yourself 12 months to plan your wedding but clearly, if you are waiting longer than this, or the time span is shorter, adjust the timings accordingly.

As soon as the question is popped and the proposal accepted…

  • Share the good news!
  • If your folks haven’t met yet, now is the time
  • Set a wedding budget and be realistic about what you can and cannot afford
  • Put 10% of your wedding budget aside for ‘emergencies’
  • Decide on the date
  • Confirm the date by booking a registrar, arranging a meeting with a minister or priest etc.
  • Only when you know you can legally marry on your chosen day should you send out ‘Save the Day!’ notifications
  • Choose the key players – the best man, bridesmaids, maid of honour, ushers etc.

12 months in advance
Take a deep breath because you are about to set out on the list that will set the tone and feel for your day:

  • Book your wedding venue – you may want to visit several places locally, or further afield, including abroad. Take your time and negotiate on price. Remember, your wedding budget has to stretch quite far…
  • Start creating the guest list – most people find that if they invited everyone they know to the wedding, it would be a long, long list. Start with immediate family and close friends, and then fan out from there. If you have decided on a traditional shaped wedding day – ceremony, wedding breakfast, raucous night-do – then you can invite the bulk of your guests to the evening reception.

9 months
Getting closer…

  • Finalise your guest list… and send out the invites for day and evening
  • Book a wedding photographer and videographer, if you want one
  • Book your wedding flowers – the best florists will, like wedding photographers, be booked in advance especially in the height of wedding season.
  • Go wedding dress and suit shopping!
  • Book your honeymoon if you are having one

6 months
Closer still…

  • Bridesmaid dresses – know that you have your own bride’s dress sorted, you will want to start finalising the colour theme etc. of your wedding. This is done through the support people on your big day, and accessories. The main colour for your day will no doubt be bridesmaid’s dresses, complementing the flowers you have chosen.
  • Buy the wedding rings
  • Choose hairstylist and make-up artists
  • Book wedding transport for the main bridal party – usually, transport is provided for bride, her parents, bridesmaids. Ushers and the best many traditionally supply their own.
  • Order the wedding cake
  • Remind any guests travelling to your big day to book their accommodation

3 months to go…

  • Sort the legalities of the day, including the banns etc.
  • Create your wedding ceremony, running order and so on
  • Check passports for honeymoon travel
  • Get those wedding invites out!

2 months to go…

  • Double check all your arrangements with the florist, wedding cars and so on
  • Meet with your chosen photographer and decide on shots, sometimes known as a storyboard
  • Have a timetable for the day (sounds a little too serious but you will need it on the day!)
  • Trial hair and make up
  • Enjoy the stag do!
  • Hit the town with the Hens!
  • Buy thank you gifts for bridesmaids, parents of bride and groom etc.

And now, relax.

The week before the wedding

  • Finalise the seating plan
  • Reconfirm all the details with your photographer, florist etc.
  • Run through who is doing what and when, with whom and where – and make sure key people know where they need to be and what they are doing
  • Arrange for the venue to be decorated
  • Pick up the dress, the cake and so

On the big day…

  • Enjoy it!
    Planning a wedding should be fun but, it can be stressful especially if you are unsure what to do and when. Wedding planning courses can not only be perfect for your own big day, but could launch a new career too!
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