The Rising Demand for Nail Art

The Rising Demand for Nail Art

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Who can resist nail art?! Gone are the days when the only choice was one plain colour. The options are many and varied from exquisitely detailed artwork to glitter finishes and ombre colours. There is nail polish sensitive to changes in heat too. All of this combines to give an impressive and must-have product. With its popularity showing no signs of slowing anytime soon, beauty courses are a great way to get started in the nail art world. But why is it becoming such a lucrative career choice?

The Current Nail Art Market – Supply & Demand
Some beauty fads come and go with remarkable pace but nail art is bucking that trend. And there are statistics to prove it.

Well-known market research giants Technavio have analysed the current market and taking lessons from the past, they are estimating that the growth of the nail art market, along with other nail services, will continue to grow. They predict this pace to be at 3.74% a year until at least 2019. They predict it will keep growing for reasons we shall look at detail but, if you think this is a small amount of growth, you need to appreciate the money behind the percentage.

UK sales within the beauty industry topped £4 billion for the first time this year, with the average person spending £342 per annum on professional services, including nail care services. As a nail technician, you could have a slice of this market as the 3.74% annual growth now seems much more lucrative.

What is Behind Nail Art Popularity?
Nail art is popular for many reasons and again, market analysts have identified the main driving factors in the popularity of nail care services and nail art…

»       It is an ‘affordable indulgence’

Since the collapse of Barings Bank in 2008, the age of austerity has been firmly upon us. The country was plunged into a deep recession and thus, household budgets and personal incomes were squeezed. To survive, people cut back on ‘luxury’ items. Whereas once they would have enjoyed a massage along with other treatments on a monthly basis, people now saw these as a luxury – and thus, no longer essential.

But, this doesn’t mean that we stopped all personal grooming services we just did them in another way. In other words, we looked for other ways to look good and feel good about ourselves but looked for beauty therapies and treatments that were less expensive.

Nail art, along with other professional services, was a great replacement. It was a means of pampering and relaxing but without the hefty price tag. And it was something that you could do for yourself. At the same time as household budgets were squeezed, there was an increase in the sale of nail polish.

The basis for nail art becoming a must-have treatment was laid.

»       Product innovation made is even more popular

Block colours are all well and good but the beauty industry, with the help of refined technologies and manufacturing techniques, created a plethora of products that are simply stunning.

From ombre colours to crackle glaze nail polishes, the nail polish products available to use at home and for professional beauticians increased. And education kept pace with beautician courses offers specialist modules and units of working with the new and growing range of nail polish products.

»       Growth in Nail Art Courses

A significant drive for growth alongside it being an affordable indulgence and the new innovative products were the number of high street nail bars where clients could have their nails manicured, with or without nail art, quickly and cheaply.

But, as the economy has recovered, so too did household incomes but the passion for nail art has not declined. Over the last few years, we have seen an increase in the delicacy, the detail and the creativity behind nail art. From 3-D ‘scenes’ in nails to piercings of the nail tip to amazing colours and artistry, nail art is one of the most popular modules on beautician courses.

Of course, photo-rich social media allow designs to be shared and thus refined and copied. And with celebrity endorsements also rife, it is no wonder that nail art is as popular as it is. The results although spectacular and temporary, perfect for when you need a pick me up or for a special occasion.

Nail Art is a Skill in Demand!
People love nail art and with the possibility of significant market growth over the coming years, why wouldn’t you want to take advantage and offer your own professional nail services?

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