The Most In-Demand Professions of 2018

The Most In-Demand Professions of 2018

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The job market is constantly changing, so what are the most in-demand jobs in 2018?

If you have labelled 2018 as the year for a career change, you need to know if the job title you are hoping for is one that is in demand with employers.

Or if you are looking to take the next step in your career, you may be wondering what the best move is.

And with this in mind, we thought we could take a look at what are predicted to be the most in-demand professionals this year…

#1 Computer software engineer

It comes as no surprise that the in the thick of the digital era, that at least one of the careers listed will be related to computers, computing and the like.

In fact, when we took a look at some of the most exciting new job titles, social media guru was one of those listed, along with lifestyle bloggers, two roles that require an in-depth understanding and a relatively high level of skill when it comes to computing and the online world.

It comes as no surprise that big and small companies are looking for computer software engineers and with big changes like GDPR causing headaches for businesses and organisations, you can see why a career in computing is still a great choice.

#2 Fitness trainer

The UK, it is said, has an obesity crisis and as such, we are (slowly) beginning to realise the need to get fit and stay fit.

At one time, a personal fitness trainer was reserved for the rich and famous. More people are training as fitness trainers and as such, boot camps and individual fitness sessions are now far more commonplace than they were.

If you want to get yourself in great shape, shed a few pounds and tone up, it is not unheard of to hire your own fitness trainer or, better still, join in with a small group of other people for bespoke fitness sessions.

As well as employment opportunities with gyms and spas, many fitness instructors and trainers are starting their own businesses.

Up the stakes by running an online fitness blog and creating your own pick up a healthy lunch, and you can see the possibilities for a fantastic business.

#3 Financial and/or debt advisor

Austerity is still biting in the UK and it is not just businesses and government departments that are feeling the financial squeeze.

Even though we are told the worst is over, many people are still struggling financially. Food banks, once unheard of in the UK, are now commonplace in towns and cities across the country and who uses food banks may surprise you.

Financial advisors, including debt advisors, are now in demand to help people get more from their money and to manage debt, something that more and more people are having to manage alongside their household budget.

#4 Occupational therapist

This may surprise you to see it on the list but in some ways, it is part and parcel of the current attitude relating to work and health.

On one hand, we have reports that point to out unhealthy habits and high obesity rates but on the other, we have reports that highlight how we are living longer.

And this means an ageing population, some of whom have specific health and medical needs.

With the NHS buckling under the pressure, a more diverse approach is needed and, as a result, employers are taking more of an active role in helping their employees to be healthy and stay healthy.

Not all health concerns are related to work but with occupation health therapists in hot demand, if you fancy this line of work, 2018 could be the year to make your move.

#5 Nursing

Following similar lines is the fact that the NHS not only has a shortage of nurses but is also an entity that is always growing and developing.

In NHS England, only 1 in 400 nursing vacancies are filled and this means lives are at risk. And don’t just assume that the only options are nursing on wards.

There are opportunities to specialise in key areas of the healthcare profession and plenty of opportunities to expand your skill set which is why many choose to take on additional forms of education by completing courses like English, accountancy and psychology courses online.

There are other professions and job roles that are increasing in demand too, including nail technicians and beauticians too, and not just for female clients either! The job roles we see developing today are as a result of the demands and needs of the world we live – a place that looks very different from that of 20 years ago.

Nick Cooper
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