How Successful Event Marketing Can Boost Your Bottom Line (Infographic)

How Successful Event Marketing Can Boost Your Bottom Line (Infographic)

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Event marketing is the process of developing a themed display, exhibit or presentation.

The bottom line is the income of a business has when all expenses have been considered. Every business wants their bottom line to be healthy and they want to see it improve over time too.

The bottom line and event marketing walk hand in hand. When done well, event marketing can significantly boost the bottom line of your business by attracting more customers, boosting brand awareness and creating connections and engagement between you, your customers and industry influencers.

But what are the ingredients of successful event marketing? And why choose event marketing?

Event marketing is the opportunity to present your business in a new light to customers. You can show your brand and business personality, as well as creating a new experience for your customers.

Major companies and businesses from all industries and sectors propose to spend part of their marketing budget on event marketing.

There are some great examples of successful event marketing. These events can be one-off or they can be part of a longer-term marketing campaign.

The Budweiser Clydesdales

A great example of a longer-term event marketing campaign is the use of the beautiful Clydesdale horses by Budweiser. Although you see the horses on its TV adverts, Budweiser also use the iconic horses to pull an old-fashioned cart at various destinations.

People are invited to meet the horses and their human companions. There have been many famous TV commercials over the years but the fact that people can meet the horses ‘in person’ also adds to the personality of the brand and business.

Technology and event marketing combine

Technology businesses such as Apple and Samsung dominate in a competitive market and the need to outdo one another and gain attention from the masses will often make for glittering events.

In 2010, Samsung launched a new product by meshing technology with real-life. The use of a 360° digital cube lit by 36 projectors, with live entertainment in a massive room was an instant success.

Can be used by all businesses

Irrespective of the size of a business, event marketing and sales are activities that can be successful, although there needs to be some basics in place;

  • Customer-driven – how you reach our customers with event marketing depends on who your customers are and where they are at. Flash mobs, for example, may be the perfect fit for one business but not necessarily yours.
  • Smaller can be bigger – ‘traditional’ forms of event marketing such as cold calling or email campaigns still have value, especially if they offer the perfect platform for your brand to reach potential customers

Harness social media

Some of the most successful event marketing campaigns have garnered the power of social media. In 2014, for example, 92% of marketers expected to spend on event marketing via social media to reach their customers, with the majority already doing so.

This could be anything from running an advertising campaign to taking advantage of the real-time features that many social media platforms now have. Q&A sessions with industry influencers or celebrities are become more commonplace and popular.

It’s more than flash mobs

Event marketing is used to launch a new product or service, to increase customer engagement and make new connections.

It is seen by many as a specialist area of marketing. There are certain fundamentals and planning strategies that need to be included in order for an event to be a success.

NCC Home Learnings event management course will open up a wealth of event marketing opportunities because it will equip you with the skills you need to create a great event for your brand.

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Infographic on how succesful event marketing can boost a businesses bottom line

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