St. Patrick’s Day Quiz

St. Patrick’s Day Quiz

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Celebrated annually on March 17th, St Patrick’s Day is celebrated across Ireland and in Irish communities across the world.

What is St Patrick’s Day All About?

Originally a religious feast day, it commemorates the life of Patrick, who ministered Christianity across Ireland in the 5th Century.  He is thought to have died in 460 A.D. It is a festival that has been observed for thousands of years.

Don’t Get Pinched!

Revellers of years passed believe that wearing green makes you invisible to leprechauns, fairy creatures that pinch anyone they see (that is, people not wearing green). Thus, pinching someone not dressed in green became a tradition on St Patrick’s day, a reminder that leprechauns would come and hunt them down with a nasty pinch!

Test Your Knowledge

You may enjoy feasting and celebrating the patron saint of Ireland with your family and friends but how is your knowledge of all things Irish and St. Patrick?

Brush up your knowledge with our fantastic quiz! If you want to learn more about history in general, then check out the history courses we have available:-

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