Save the Children Week 2014

Save the Children Week 2014

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Save the Children Week commences Monday 14th April 2014, with the aim to raise awareness of the campaign ‘No Child Born to Die’. Here we outline who Save the Children are, the key aims and objectives of the campaign, as well as their achievements.

The Campaign

Save the Children set up a campaign known as ‘No Child Born to Die’. Save the Children was first established at the beginning of the 20th century by two sisters known as Eglantyne Jebb and Dorothy Buxton, who had a vision to safeguard and protect children around the world.

Mission Statement:

“To inspire breakthrough in the way the world treats children, and to achieve immediate and lasting change in their lives.”

Nearly one hundred years on and this organisation is still operating effectively. They work in 120 countries with the intension of protecting and saving the lives of children through the implementation of world-class programmes. Not only this, they fight for children’s rights and assist in helping them to reach their full potential.

Other campaigns:

– Every Beat Matters
– Get Ready. Get Safe
– Keeping Kids Strong
– Mom’s the Word
– Syria Relief

Shocking Facts

Here we run through some alarming facts and figures. The ‘No Child Born to Die’ campaign strives to help and support children.

– Did you know 6.6 million children die every year? This is an appalling figure!
– In 2013, Save the Children gained a huge investment in vaccines, which by 2015 will save around 4 million lives. This is a dramatic amount of children’s lives that will benefit from the new investment.
– Save the Children managed to secure commitments to train more health workers, meaning children can access a doctor/nurse when needed.
– Are you aware that 1 in 3 children are left with permanent damage to their mind and body as a result of being malnourished in their early years? This is an outrageous amount, this suffering can’t go on.
– Every hour of each day, 300 children die from malnutrition.

Aims and Objectives

Save the Children strive to breakthrough the way in which children are treated around the world. They aim to raise awareness of a number of issues regarding child protection including the following matters:

– Hunger – Save the Children have an eight step plan of action in place, in which strives to combat child hunger around the world.
– Health and HIV – they help children access better healthcare with the aim of helping children to grow and develop healthier.
– Child Poverty – children who are born into poverty have a reduced chance of a better life.
– Children’s rights – Many governments promise to protect children and their rights, but they are still violated.
– Education – Save the Children strive to provide children with access to education to those who unfortunately miss out on going to school.

There are several projects Save the Children work on, all of which contribute to helping children in a number of different ways. Each campaign strives to raise awareness about a key issue.


Below we outline some of Save the Children’s achievements:

– In 2012, Save the Children helped approximately 10 million children, and went on to gain around 100,000 supporters who regularly donate to such a valuable organisation. In the years 2006-2009, Save the Children held a campaign called Rewrite the Future, which supported 1.4 million children gain access into schools around the world, especially those where conflict may exist.
– In 2004, Save the Children put in place a five year response to the Asian tsunami, which helped and supported approximately 1 million people.
– They worked hard to reach children in intense areas of conflict during the Dafur, Sudan and other communities which were affected by the Pakistan earthquake in 2005.
– 2010-2015 Save the Children has put in place a strategy to help children gain an education and help to develop their learning knowledge.
– In 2012, they helped around 9 million children through the support of community volunteers, government officers and others involved in the process of helping children learn and develop.
– They continually challenge world leaders to help give children a better future.

As you can see, Save the Children conduct remarkable work which makes a huge difference to the lives of children around the globe. There are a number of distance learning courses available for those of you who would like to learn more about child care, and safeguarding and protecting children.

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