Rugby Star Passes his NCC Home Learning Course with Flying Colours!

Rugby Star Passes his NCC Home Learning Course with Flying Colours!

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Saints and New Zealand International, Lance Hohaia has gained a Business Management Certificate through local distance learning provider NCC Home Learning. It seems the perfect pass is something Lance has carried from his rugby career through to his academic endeavours, as Lance passed all modules within the course at first time of asking!

The educational development of sporting athletes is now appearing high on the agenda for players and clubs alike. It is evident that every professional athlete has a limited time period in which they can perform to a desired level, the focus is now on what you can do, as a sportsman, to prepare yourself for retirement. Lance is one of many stars throughout rugby league taking that step towards education, with a long term goal of excelling in another profession. The Saints Foundation try to encourage as many of their trainees as possible to finish their education and take some form of further education while training with the academy.

Hohaia Leads By Example!

Lance told us here at NCC that he has a great desire to pursue a career in sports development and coaching when he hangs up his boots, with the USA being destination of choice for the Kiwi. Much like the UK, education is highly valued in the USA and Lance will be sure to implement a combination of practical ability and theoretical knowledge to become a success.

Distance Learning is an excellent way of gaining education alongside living a busy lifestyle. Playing rugby at the highest level and caring for a 14 month old child didn’t deter Lance in taking the plunge with his Business Management course, saying “You just have to put a little bit of time aside to do the work. It’s enjoyable and I had no problems fitting it around training.” Lance sets a fantastic example to the rising talent who may pin all of their hopes on making it. One awful injury can turn a player’s career upside down and the famous quote your parents will have been drilling into you for years really rings true, you really do need something to fall back on.

Tony Smith (Left) and Luis Jones (right) from NCC Home Learning congratulating Lance Hohaia (middle) on his success.

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