New Course: Principles of Human Resource (HR) Practice Certificate Level 3 QCF

New Course: Principles of Human Resource (HR) Practice Certificate Level 3 QCF

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NCC are delighted to announce that we have been granted centre approval from Skillsfirst a leading Awarding Organisation.

Skillsfirst are a UK based awarding body, specialising in developing and certificating courses from a wide number of sectors. They have over 75 years of collective experience in this area and are dedicated to providing the highest quality for learners in the lifelong sector.
With over a quarter of a million learners under their belt they are a vastly experienced company and aim to provide a professional and simple service to all learners in the future.

NCC have partnered with Skillsfirst to develop our newly released Principles of Human Resource (HR) Practice Certificate Level 3 QCF course which has full endorsement from Skillsfirst.

What is HR?
From the boardroom to the shop floor, a successful business relies on the experience, skill, expertise and ingenuity of all of its employees. Functional heads or managers are responsible for the effective day-to-day management and use of these human resources, but it is the Human Resources (HR) Department that is required to acquire, support, develop and dispense with these resources in accordance with business needs, in an effective and considerate manner, which satisfies the prevailing statutory requirements.

The actual structure and day-to-day duties performed by the HR department will depend on the size and structure of individual organisations. In large organisations, there is usually a dedicated department of people performing the HR duties, whilst in other small organisations the duties might be performed by an individual working part-time, who is combining these duties with a number of others. In addition, the HR duties and responsibilities themselves will vary between organisations, and for instance in some, these may include the payroll function, whilst in others this function is the responsibility of the Accounts department.

Why is HR so important?
As everything that is planned, controlled and achieved by managers in all organisations involves the use of people, the management of people at work is an integral part of the overall role of the management team. However, as people are individuals in their own right and therefore unpredictable, managing them is a complex and often difficult task that requires the input and support from a people management specialist.
That’s where the role of a HR specialist is key in ensuring that both the employer and employee are following the correct procedures and adhering to all relevant legislation.

Our new course
The Principles of Human Resource (HR) Practice Certificate Level 3 QCF aims to provide the learner with this key knowledge, alongside a nationally recognised qualification so that they can effectively work in a HR role.
The course consists of seven units and carries 26 QCF credits which can be transferred to future qualifications or used as evidence of study.

Our aim is to provide learners, whether they are already working in a HR role or those who are looking to take this career path in the future, with the skills and abilities to succeed. The course covers areas that are integral to working within HR and understanding the practices of a HR specialist.

Take a look at our dedicated course page by following the link below:

If you require any additional information our course advisors can provide you with further information or answer any specific questions you may have. They can be contacted by telephone on 0800 970 2522 or via email at [email protected]

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