Plan Your Dream Wedding With A Wedding Planner Course

Plan Your Dream Wedding With A Wedding Planner Course

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Stress-free wedding planning – is there such a thing?

As you admire your engagement ring, you may be looking forward to the big day. You may have a vision of a clear, sunny, warm day, with you and your groomed bathed in perfection.

Or there may be a hint of dread, not of the wedding day itself but the build-up to it. You have before you looming large over the coming months and weeks, the stress of organising everything from flowers to cake, to creating a menu that delights whilst remembering there are three vegetarians, one vegan, and a lactose tolerant guest to cater for, to the diplomatic nightmare of the seating

There are many things to think about too and for some brides and their groom, the stress and worry of planning their perfect day can prove too much.
Arguments, tears, unkind words and exhaustion can, unfortunately, walk hand-in-hand with planning your wedding, no matter how big or small it is.

There is a solution, and that is a wedding planner course. This does not mean a wedding planning diploma as a professional wedding planner, but a tailored, bespoke diploma for people looking to create their big day, themselves without too much worry, too much stress and too many tears.

An organisational feat
Planning and executing your wedding like the professionals take knowledge, skill and an understanding of what is known as ‘the inside track.’ This means being aware and understanding the finer nuances of organising something, and bringing all the strands together at the same time.

Wedding planning is an organisational feat and one that will see you juggle many balls and spine many plates, but it can be done.

Our wedding planning course, for example, will cover important factors such as;

  • Budgeting – often the thorn in the side, over-spending can ruin the ‘after’ of your big day as you struggle to pay back loans, credit cards, and your overdraft. This diploma looks at portioning your budget, being realistic about what you will get for your money, as well as the art of contingency planning and compromise.
  • Venue selection – planning your own wedding can mean try to piece together the wedding dream you have always had but, if you are having a big wedding, squeezing 200 guests into a venue that comfortably holds 50 – but it is the venue you said you would always marry in! – Just may not work. Objectively assessing what your venue needs to provide is key
  • Contingency planning – there are some things you can plan and guarantee but there are others that you cannot. The weather is one of them! Understanding what could change on the day, what you can control (and what you can’t) and how to deal with it are also included in our wedding planner course.

    It could also be a springboard to opening up a thirst for learning.

  • Legalities – at one time, you could only marry in church and never on a Sunday. Today the rules are different but understanding the legalities of where and how you can marry, and by whom is important. This is certainly true if you intend to marry outside of the UK.
  • Finding the right help in the right places – as you plan your wedding, you will need the help of many different people, from professional florists to cake-makers, dressmakers and so on. This diploma looks at how to use these professional services to the bestof your advantage, and when to seek advice and help.

Study for a great wedding day!
Our Plan Your Wedding Diploma is incredibly popular. By investing in the course, you are acquiring skills that will help you plan your big day. There are helpful assignments to complete, of which you will receive feedback from an experienced wedding planner tutor. This alone is invaluable advice on getting the best for your big day.

You can complete the diploma at your own pace too; technically, you could complete it within months, giving you more than enough time to plan your wedding visit venues and so on. You can complete it at a time that suits you too, whether that is a Sunday morning or an evening during the week.

It could also be a springboard to opening up a thirst for learning. Completing the wedding planner diploma may spur you on to bigger things, especially if you enjoyed planning your wedding with this course. We have another, separate course that you could complete which could see you become a professional wedding planner.

Enrolling is simple – log on, choose your course, choose how to pay and start planning your wedding today!

Nick Cooper
Nick is NCC's resident blog author and covers a range of subjects, including teaching and health & social care. NCC is an international learning provider with over 20 years’ experience offering learning solutions. To date, NCC has engaged with over 20,000 employers, and delivered quality training to over half a million learners.
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