Our Simple Guide On How To Become A Photographer

Our Simple Guide On How To Become A Photographer

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#1 Opportunities for photographers
There is more to being a photographer than snapping people’s weddings, although this is a lucrative avenue for many photographers. Taking time to research the various opportunities and career paths for photographers is important as this can help you decide which courses to opt for.

Photographers can run their own businesses or be employed as press photographers, crime scene photographers, creating stock images and so on. There are also many opportunities to specialize such as wildlife and nature, with many photos being used online or in print. There are also many opportunities for photographers to work in the field of TV and film too.

#2 Keep practicing
Photography, like other art form, is a skill and a talent that is nurtured through constantly taking photos, experimenting with exposures and so on.

Keeping a notebook is important. Simply jot down when you have completed a photo shoot, what exposure you used, camera, shutter speed and so on.

#3 Build a portfolio
Photography is visual and as such, keeping a portfolio, both in print and online too, is a great way of building your experience but also being able to show potential customers, employers, and course tutors what you can do.

#4 Post online
There are many photograph-based social media platforms and posting online is a great way to get more exposure for your photos, as well as getting constructive feedback from people.

Flickr is a fabulous platform for the serious photographer and allows people to not only share their work but also to look at what others are doing, sharing tips and hints etc.


There is more to being a photographer than snapping people’s weddings

#5 Push your boundaries
As a photographer, you will become familiar and comfortable with certain conditions, places and so on. Like all creative outlets, the need to push your comfort zone is a means of pushing your creative abilities.

Landscape photographers may be happy in the wind, rain and mud of the local woodland, but how about practicing some shots in the dusk of the town or city? Having a keen eye and seeking out those everyday things that we see but don’t see, is a great way of developing photography skills.

#6 Set goals
Many people think that to get THE photograph, you just need to keep snapping away.

In some ways, this is fine but why not set yourself some goals so that you have something to stretch towards? From visiting somewhere you have always wanted to go, to setting a goal of photographing a notoriously shy animal, having a project is a great way of honing your thinking and skills.

#7 Read, read, ask questions and read
Comparison is not always a good thing; neither is it a new concept. We tend to compare what we achieve with what others achieve and if you think that it is not good enough, you can feel downhearted.

Photography is all about perspective so jump right on it and read everything from the latest photography magazines, to helpful guides and sign up to online forums too. Ask fellow photographers questions and expand your mind and skill set with learning.

#8 Take a professional photography course
For some photography outlets and opportunities, you will need show a skill set that can be acquired from taking part in a professional photography course.

For many people researching how to become a photographer, starting with a basic photography course is a great way to start. Such courses will teach not only about basic composition but will also look at cameras, editing software and other key components of getting your photos to look their best.

If you feel you have the necessary skills and experience, you may want to choose an online photography course that is more advanced and possibly specialist too. Wedding photography, for example, as well as photographs for certain sectors and industries are all popular choices.

Alongside a photography course, you may also want to think about a business course too, especially if you plan on selling your photos and your services as a professional photographer.

There is always a need for professional photography, whether that is professional photo shoots of fashion models, or personal photography such as portrait work or weddings.

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