NLP: The Extra Ingredient In Your Chicken Soup

NLP: The Extra Ingredient In Your Chicken Soup

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‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ is a series of books co-authored by Jack Cranfield, widely recognised as a leading neuro-linguistic programming teacher and leader.

These books are an astounding success, published in 39 languages with over 100 million copies sold worldwide. For those interested in neuro-linguistic programming courses, they are a must-read.

The principles of these books look to remove the limiting beliefs that we have. By not acknowledging these hurdles or obstacles, we remain stuck or fixed. By studying neuro-linguistic programming courses, you can move forward or away from the place that makes you unhappy or frustrated.

Do you know where you are in your life?

The first principle that Jack Cranfield talks about in the ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ series is that before we can start to move to where we want to be, we first need to understand where we are.

How many of us really know the answer to that question? It is a question that makes you think, that starts the flow of energy and as said by many NLP trainers, the question that kick-starts the process of change.


Success amplifies who you are

Success and financial gain go hand in hand for many – the more successful you are, the more money you have.

Success amplifies who you are, thus if you feel unhappy before you had money, you will still be unhappy, if not more so, should you have financial success.

Before getting to this point, NLP trains us to understand our own ego and change self-defeating behaviours. In other words, before you reach the pinnacle of success – and money, if that is what you desire – you must continually work on you.

A driving purpose and vision

Self-esteem is an inner voice; it can be both positive and negative. It is a driving force. A negative inner voice pushes us to places where we don’t want to be and keeps us there.

But positive self-esteem becomes the driving purpose and vision. Once we understand where we are now, where we want to be and work on ourselves to become more self-aware, we drive forward to our vision.

NLP courses teach you how to change some of these set mind patterns, voices and messages. It can also be the catalyst you need to become an NLP trainer yourself, helping others to realise the benefits of neuro-linguistic programming courses.

Is abundance a good thing?

We are coached to think that abundance is vulgar, unneeded and that chasing millions is somehow self-depreciating.

But Jack Cranfield and other respected NLP trainers have a different message. We live in an abundant universe; there is enough of everything to go around for everyone but, in the pursuit of abundance, don’t hurt others.

People hoard because they don’t think there is enough to go around. There are various TV programmes that show the painful process that people with hoarding habits go through as they let things go. Their mind is wired to believe that by holding on to things, they are surrounding themselves with an abundance of something that they believe is in limited supply.

NLP changes this thought pattern. The basis of this important process is that sharing and spreading abundance evenly will make a big difference.

The power of the mind

Do you understand how powerful your mind is? Do you want to know what you are thinking?

In answer to this, look at what you are creating around you. We are habit-driven, we are safe in our daily routines and although we yearn for different, we keep doing the same thing. We tell ourselves we are stuck.

If you imagine the same thing happening over and over again, it will keep happening. Imagine something different, and it will happen.


Breaking out of this accepted, trusted and comfortable cycle is tough. NLP can help you make these changes but sometimes, you need someone to walk alongside you.

There is a growing movement known as life coaching. Changing your mindset does not happen overnight. It takes concerted effort for this new way of thinking to become a habit. Having support from an understanding source is a worthwhile investment.

Transform with NLP

It is a powerful programme and one that has seen unbelievable transitions for people. Changing set mind patterns and thought process takes time, commitment and courage – but it can and has been done.

NLP training courses from NCC Home Learning is the first step in making changes that benefit you, and those around you. Enrol online and start the journey to the place where you want to be.

Nick Cooper
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