NCC Home Learning will be ‘Wearing it Pink’

NCC Home Learning will be ‘Wearing it Pink’

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NCC Home Learning will be ‘Wearing it Pink’ Friday October 30th in support of breast cancer awareness.  Be sure to follow in our footsteps and ‘Wear it Pink’ next Friday and make a small donation at any local store supporting this event or online at

Breast Cancer Campaign uses all wear it pink donations to fund innovative, world-class research throughout the UK and Ireland to understand how breast cancer develops, leading to improved diagnosis, treatment, prevention and cure.

The charity currently supports around 130 projects worth £15million in 43 centres across the UK and Ireland.

Why take part in wear it pink?
wear it pink is a fun and easy way to donate to Campaign and help fund breast cancer research.

Last year, you raised £3.5 million which helped to fund projects like Dr Ingunn Holen’s award-winning research which found that if two drugs were given in a particular order at specific time intervals, breast tumours were almost completely destroyed. This discovery could ultimately lead to improved chances of survival for thousands of women undergoing treatment and bring us a step closer to beating breast cancer.

Why is Breast Cancer Campaign’s work important?
Breast cancer research has made considerable progress over the past two decades and vital work is still underway. Past research has resulted in improvements in quality of life and survival. However, one woman in nine in the UK will be diagnosed during her lifetime. Each research project funded by the charity brings us a step closer to beating breast cancer.

Nick Cooper
Nick is NCC's resident blog author and covers a range of subjects, including teaching and health & social care. NCC is an international learning provider with over 20 years’ experience offering learning solutions. To date, NCC has engaged with over 20,000 employers, and delivered quality training to over half a million learners.
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