NCC Author: The ghost hunter behind the goods

NCC Author: The ghost hunter behind the goods

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EDUCATING enquiring minds on the deep, often dark and varied spectrum of criminal studies has been somewhat a passion of ours over recent years.

Our courses cover subject areas that will satisfy the inner Sherlock Holmes, fascinate the CSI investigators and also excite, essentially anyone who has an iron stomach when it comes to gruesome occurrences.

But who’s behind the black and white blur that brings to life the gritty underbelly of society and then place this into an educational perspective…?

Teaching a range of complex themes and specialised career paths is by no means a walk in the park and over the years many great minds have fulfilled our shelves and enlightened learners with informative insights into the nature of criminal activity.

But in recent years NCC has enquired a new mind that some of you may just be familiar with…

In a world that brings the darker side of study to life it’s only fitting that we have a criminal expert who’s up to challenge.

And although the man in question is renowned for his skills on bringing dark concepts to life, he is also known for his ability to bring the darker side of death to life…

Currently a senior lecturer in Psychology at Buckinghamshire New University, our criminal mastermind is arguably at the top of his respective field and has worked as a research associate at Université de Toulouse, and as a Psychology Lecturer at Liverpool Hope University.

Our PhD Professor has also developed a range of forensic related programmes and has contributed to a number of noteworthy publications for academia.

But aside from the conventional work of a university lecturer, our author is also immersed in a much scarier study… a study which has brought him to our TV screens!

Celebrity sceptic Ciaran O’Keeffe is the man behind the writing.

Often associated with real life ghost hunting, Ciaran is well-known for his role as the resident Parapsychologist on Living TV’s Most Haunted and he also provided the sceptical voice on TV show Jane Goldman Investigates.

For those of you who are not familiar with the programmes Ciaran featured in, here are the facts.

Most Haunted is the reality TV horror show that had people sweating in their seats with its release in 2002, as a team of paranormal investigators, equipped with scientific equipment and cameras, travelled far and wide in search of haunted locations. Ciaran’s role on the show was that of the Parapsychologist, which simply put is someone who studies the investigation of paranormal and psychic phenomena.

The programme title Jane Goldman investigates is a bit of a giveaway to what the TV show is about. Ciaran co-starred with the writer/ journalist/ actress (who is often recognised for her ruby red hair and her marriage to comedian Johnathan Ross), and the pair examined paranormal pursuits such as exorcism and speaking with the dead.

So amongst his involvement in fascinating and highly acclaimed research areas such as; police interviewing; restorative justice; internet crime and mental maps of computer criminals, its worth remembering that Ciaran and many of our other authors are often engaged a range of weird and wonderful pursuits.

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