National Teaching Assistant Day – Free Module

National Teaching Assistant Day – Free Module

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Do you think you have what it takes to work in an educational setting? Do you enjoy working with children both individually and in small groups?

With over 240,000 Teaching Assistants working in the UK today, many people across the country are celebrating National Teaching Assistant Day today! An overwhelming 96% of headteachers believe that a Teaching Assistant is an asset to their school, and schools throughout the UK are joining in to celebrate.

We are joining in with the celebrations by offering a massive 35% off our popular Teaching Assistant Diploma. This means that it is only £220, as opposed to the normal price of £340!

Could you be a teaching assistant?

Teaching assistants work to support the development of children in the classroom, helping the teacher with issues such as one-to-one tuition for a specific child or helping smaller groups of children with different tasks. They are helpful in classrooms that include children with a learning disability, as they can help a particular child to work at a similar level to other children in the class. There are a wide range of terms for a teaching assistant, you may be more familiar with the term classroom assistant or learning support assistant.

Depending on the level of the children you are supporting, you may be asked to complete a varied list of tasks. If you choose to work with younger children, you are more likely to be asked to help children with arts and crafts, complete displays, or work with small groups of children who are struggling with a particular topic such as reading, writing or mathematics. If you choose to work with older children, for example in a high school, it is more common for a teaching assistant to work with one single student who is struggling. This could entail giving support in each classroom with different learning matters, or if they have a physical issue they may require assistance in getting around the school itself.

If the above description sounds appealing, why not take a look at the Level 3 Teaching Assistant Diploma that we offer? It can help people who are looking to find work as a learning support assistant throughout the different age ranges, and can also be helpful for those currently working in a school to gain qualified status.

You may not have been in school for some time, or may not believe you have the grades required to work in a school, however our Level 3 course does not require any previous qualifications! The main thing is that you are enthusiastic about working with children to aid their progression through their education. You should also have a patient nature, and be able to get along well with a wide range of ages, as it is imperative that you form good relationships with students, teachers and parents alike. You might encounter some difficult behaviour from students whilst working as a teaching assistant, so it is vital that you are able to keep a level head and be able to disperse a difficult situation.

As you will be helping children with their education, it is important that you have a good grasp of spoken and written English skills, along with a good understanding of mathematics at the level you wish to assist with, even if you don’t hold formal qualifications. You may benefit if you hold an additional skill, such as a talent at music or different languages, as these topics are now on the curriculum in schools. Having a skill such as this will make you more attractive to future potential employers.

If you are interested in this course, but wish to make sure that it is the right way of studying for you, why not take a look at our free sample module? You can have access to module 7 of the course: “Supporting a Child with Disabilities or Special Educational Needs”, for an entire month, to give you an idea of the type of learning, assignments and work you would be required to complete to become qualified. To access this, click on the button below!

Nick Cooper
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