The Mysteries of the Pyramids (Infographic)

The Mysteries of the Pyramids (Infographic)

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Just south of the city of Cairo in Egypt is the Great Pyramid of Giza. Another cluster of smaller pyramids tower graciously just west of the River Nile, just into the confines of the dry, dusty dessert.

They enthral millions of visitors every year. Although Egyptologists and archaeologists have discovered some of their mysteries and treasures, there is still much to be discovered.

How they were built

Like the Great Wall of China, the pyramids were built at a time when there was no heavy machinery, such as cranes and earth movers, the machinery we are used to seeing build modern-day skyscrapers.

Pyramids are made from individual stone blocks, placed one on top of the other. The pyramids also align perfectly with the north and the quality of building and craftsmanship lay bare the work that Ancient Egyptians were able to complete.

The link to the afterlife

There is still debate as why the pyramids were built where they are. We know that the afterlife was an important part of the belief system in Ancient Egypt.

The pyramids are tombs of ancient Egyptian kings, the Pharaohs. They were packed full of treasures and practical gifts to use in the afterlife.

But not all the pharaohs have been found. There are still mysteries to be unravelled from these ancient, but glorious monuments in the arid dessert of Egypt.

If we were to build them today, how much would they cost? How would we complete the pyramid? Read on to find how an ancient culture of peoples created monuments, piece by piece, stone by stone. If you would like to explore more history related topics, then have a look at our online history diploma.

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Amazing Ancient Eqyptians & Their Pyramids

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