Meet the Tutor – Maria Page, Reflexology

Meet the Tutor – Maria Page, Reflexology

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In our first in a new series of blog posts, we talk to the author & tutor of the our new Reflexology Diploma course.

Maria Page is both the author and tutor of our great new Reflexology Diploma course. We took some time out for a chat with Maria, we wanted to get to know her and her story. We hope you enjoy!

“I began studying reflexology in 1999 after receiving my first treatment. I visited a therapist following a recommendation to assist me with a health problem. Initially I was skeptical and couldn’t see how ‘playing with someone’s feet’ would reduce their symptoms, however, from the moment my therapist began the treatment I was hooked.

She started by asking me questions about my health and then proceeded to ‘read’ my feet. She could tell that I walked heavily on the balls of my feet before she had even touched them. I expected the treatment to be painful and uncomfortable as I was very ticklish, however, as she placed her hands onto my feet I instantly relaxed.

My therapist began the treatment and in some areas I felt pain or discomfort. She informed me that she could feel crystals under the skin in these areas and that this indicated that the energy wasn’t flowing. My main reason for visiting a reflexologist was to reduce the pain I was experiencing in my shoulder. Half an hour into the treatment, the severe pain had reduced and now was a slight ache.

That night I slept better than I had slept in years and the following morning I awoke early, feeling refreshed, happy and pain-free. I had more treatments which helped to keep the pain away from my shoulder and my mood was lighter too. I felt more relaxed, calmer and was able to think clearer.

It is unimaginable to think that by touching specific areas on the feet, I could feel so much better in so many ways. The whole concept of the subject fascinated me so I wanted to know more about it. I did a reflexology course which taught me about the essentials of massage and reflexology, how to perform a basic treatment on myself and others and how the human body works. I wanted to know more so I continued with advanced courses of study which taught me how to give a full treatment to others and build a business.

I began working on family members and friends for free whilst I studied. The reaction I received from many people was pleasing and I decided that I wanted to do this for a living. I began my new career by renting a room within a beauty therapy business. This worked well to begin with as I was being introduced to new clients.

Whilst working I decided that I still wanted to know more and enrolled on more courses which taught me how to treat people with specific illnesses, terminal illnesses, pregnancy and to work with babies and children.

I progressed and moved to bigger premises. I wanted to incorporate other therapies with reflexology to enhance the treatment. I studied a course of aromatherapy which meant that I could use oils as part of the reflexology session. This intensified the treatment and aided recovery.

I also gave home visits as part of my business to people who were unable to get to the treatment rooms. This allowed me to visit a vast amount of people who wanted my help. I visited nursing homes and gave treatments to the residents to help ease pain and increase their circulation.

Working with so many individuals with numerous health issues, I wanted to increase my knowledge even further, so I enrolled on a nutrition course which taught me what to eat for good health. This continued with more study until I was able to use this knowledge as part of the reflexology business. I could advise clients on the foods and nutrients that they required which complemented their reflexology treatment.

Since then I have been working with people with degenerative conditions and giving them reflexology treatments which are increasing their wellbeing and reducing their pain. I give lectures and workshops to students teaching them both the basics and the advanced techniques used as part of a treatment. I still do some home visits to individuals who are suffering with physical, mental and emotional issues and I author learning materials and self-help guides”.

You can read more about our Reflexology Diploma course, written by Maria, by clicking here.

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