Course Coming Soon: Diploma in Medical and Clerical Administration Level 3

Course Coming Soon: Diploma in Medical and Clerical Administration Level 3

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This programme is perfect for those looking to develop a career in medical and clerical admin, or even those currently working in this field who want to expand their knowledge.

This programme is designed to provide a detailed insight into the duties and expected role of an individual in this field of work. The learning outcomes for this course will ensure the student has knowledge of how to greet and instruct/direct patients to their destination, how to deal with patients’ requests and complaints, the skills and abilities needed to perform this role effectively, understand the need for patient confidentiality and the role of good hygiene in the workplace.

The course also explores legal aspects of medical admin as well as understanding the types of care offered by the NHS and the possible working environment you will experience in the role.


  1. Greeting patients, reception skills and responsibilities
  2. Administration skills and abilities
  3. Patient confidentiality
  4. Hygiene procedures in the medical environment
  5. Understanding medical terminology
  6. Understanding the bodily systems
  7. Understanding medication
  8. Working in the NHS
  9. Legal aspects of medical administration
  10. Medical technology


No previous knowledge is required for this course.


You will be provided with comprehensive materials designed to provide you with everything required to complete your course. You will have your own dedicated tutor who will guide you through your course work and answer any questions you may have during your medical and clinical admin course. Additionally our Help Desk will provide you with any practical advice by email or phone.


Students will be required to complete a number of assignments. Your personal tutor will review, mark and provide you with feedback on your work. You will also need to complete a short multiple choice examination.


Click here for a full list of awarding bodies.

This course is now available for pre-order, please e-mail [email protected] or call 0800 970 2522 for more information.

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