The Lowdown: Digital Photography

The Lowdown: Digital Photography

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Have you ever fancied a career in Digital Photography? Today we outline what it really entails to become a Digital Photographer.

What is Digital Photography?

So what is Digital Photography? It is as simple as pointing the camera at the subject and pressing a button. This revolution has brought ease to the user meaning they can take and view photos easily.

Digital photography first started in the 1960’s- 1970’s, when it was used as an experiment for military purposes. Rather than more traditional methods, digital photography allows the user to improve print issues for example red eye. Did you know that Barack Obama’s official portrait was taken using a digital camera? This just shows how high the quality of image can be!

Digital photography has been around for much longer than people think. It has only been in the last ten years that it has become an increasingly popular method of taking pictures. It has almost replaced the more traditional methods of taking photographs through the use of film. Digital Photography enables users to capture a moment through an image and create it on software. Rather than photographic prints, digital photography is generally stored in memory.

The camera will use digital technology to produce images. If your camera doesn’t require you to add any photographic film to record pictures then you are most likely to be using a digital camera. Digital photography involves the art of manipulating digital photographs. Images can be created in several ways such as:

• Directly with use of a digital camera
• Through scanning a conventional photograph
• Capturing a frame from a video

There are four key factors that work together to make up the quality of a digital image. The quality is dependent on the device used, the size (in pixels) of the digital photograph, the technical proficiency of the user, and also the format of the image in which it is stored.

As you can see this is a very in depth and complex topic, so if you love a challenge and would like to learn more about this subject area, we highly recommend you study a distance learning programme.


Distance learning programmes are becoming an increasingly popular method of learning. It enables students to study at a time and pace to suit the individual. This means your can fit working towards a qualification around your busy lifestyle and personal commitments. A Digital Photography course is ideal for those who would like to pursue this area beyond just a hobby or to enhance your career prospects.


For those of you who would like to learn more about Digital Photography, why not study a distance learning course. There are a number of distance learning providers, which enable you to study at a time and pace that is convenient to you. NCC Home Learning have more than 14 years of experience in delivering excellent training courses. They offer a Digital Photography course which is reasonably priced from £288. The suggested learning time to complete this programme is 260 hours. This really is dependent on the time you can dedicate to the course.

The course strives to provide students with a greater knowledge and understanding when it comes to the basics of photography techniques, understanding the equipment, the different photography specialisms, an understanding of image editing and much more!


At NCC Home Learning, there are a number of satisfied customers. Here is what some of them thought of their learning experience…

“I found the course materials easy to understand and my tutor was very supportive throughout my studies.”

Luke Matthews, Leeds

“I loved learning all about Digital Photography, it inspired me to do my own research into it on the internet and in books.”

Linda Pearson, Surrey

“I thoroughly enjoyed my course, I found it very interesting and challenging”

Tim Jeffries, Manchester

Career Prospects

There are a wide range of career paths you may wish to choose. Whether you would like to simply learn more about digital photography out of interest or if you would like to pursue a career in this field. You may decide you would like to become a wedding photographer. A distance learning programme in this area will help develop your expertise in this area. You will learn more about the different specialisms and techniques involved in digital photography. You may choose to start up your own business. The opportunities are endless!

Students will receive all the necessary learning materials and tutor support needed to successfully complete the course. If you would like a snapshot into what it really entails to work in Photography, then why not study a distance learning programme today!

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