The Lowdown: Creative Writing

The Lowdown: Creative Writing

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What is Creative Writing?

Creative writing can include any sort of writing where the main aim is to express your thoughts and emotions, rather than to produce a piece which just states information. Creative writing is becoming an increasingly popular pastime. It is a great way to get your thoughts out on the paper. You are sure to find creative writing a challenging but highly rewarding activity, whether it be as a hobby or for those of you who would like to pursue a career in this field. You can’t beat that feeling of accomplishment when you have finally finished your piece.
There are also a number of writing styles and techniques that can be used to convey your feelings and thoughts. There are a wide range of methods that can be used when writing in different styles. As a Creative Writer you can expect to explore a number of different texts and genres. Students will also learn more about writing short stories, poetry, writing for the radio, novels, life writing, non-fiction writing, the editing process, writing for children and much more!


There are a wide range of distance learning providers who offer Creative Writing courses. Such programmes offer students a much more flexible way of gaining an education. It enables learners to study at a time and pace to suit the individual, meaning you can learn around other commitments such as work and family life. Students will receive all the necessary materials and support needed to successfully complete the course.


Distance learning courses are becoming an increasingly popular method of gaining a qualification. Whether you want to develop your existing skills or gain new ones, or if you want to pursue a career in your chosen area, you are sure to find something to suit your needs.
NCC Home Learning is a training provider, with more than 14 years of experience in providing quality distance learning courses. They offer a Creative Writing course which gives learners the opportunity to study at a time and pace to suit you. Reasonably priced from £288, you will learn how to write in a range of different styles and use a variety of techniques. The suggested learning time for this course is 200 hours. This is dependent on how much time you can dedicate to course and your speed of learning. The Creative Writing course is benchmarked at Level 3, and is approved by NCFE.

What learners thought…

At NCC Home Learning, there are a great number of satisfied customers. Here is what some of them thought of their learning experience:

‘My tutor was very helpful and gave me quick responses to my questions. This course was definitely value for money and I would certainly recommend it to others‘
Terry Osborne, Surrey

‘An Excellent course, I learned so much with great support from my tutor’
Katie Harper, Leeds

‘Fantastic learning materials and a great tutor too. I am extremely happy with my experience’
Mark Lee, Newcastle


There are a range of career paths you may wish to follow as a Creative Writer. Writing has no limits, meaning if you have an idea, you can write about anything. The distance learning programme will provide you with a greater knowledge and understanding of Creative Writing, which will leave you in good stead for the future.

So if you think you have great ideas and imagination, and think you have what it takes to be a successful Creative Writer, you may decide to enrol on to a distance learning Creative Writing course! For a future with great prospects, why not start your new chapter now! The opportunities are endless.

Remember writing has no limits!

Nick Cooper
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