The Lowdown: Business Management

The Lowdown: Business Management

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We will be guiding you through the main aspects of the Business Management course offered by NCC.

There are multiple ways in which you could use business management to develop your personal skill set and maybe even secure a new career.

What is Business Management?

Management techniques have been furiously debated throughout the centuries, from ancient leaders of gargantuan armies to a modern day CEO. The principles of people management may not have changed as much as you may assume. Business Management can be defined as “the activities associated with running a company, such as controlling, leading, monitoring, organising and planning.” In a nutshell business management is the overseeing of all activities related to the effective running of a business. The in-depth nature of business management means that methods are often overcomplicated with theories, but the key is in understanding the principle foundations of the subject. The course offered by NCC attempts to help you easily define the managers role within an organisation, which will in turn help you understand the most important aspects of management.

Roles and Responsibilities

Managers have a wide variety of responsibilities within an organisation. It is vital that you have the ability to manage your own workload as well as regularly monitor the progress of your team members. Depending on your exact role, you may be expected by higher level management to adhere to performance targets. This requires management of your own and your team’s performance, this links to positive team atmosphere and motivated workforce. There are a number of immediate areas you may be responsible for including:

– Recruiting Staff
– Disciplining Staff
– Managing Financial Budgets
– Developing Relationships with Business Partners
– Presenting team performance to higher management

Business Management Course Info

Cost – £216

Tutor Support – You will receive full tutor support for 12 months with this course. Your tutor is available to answer any questions or queries you may have about the course and also provide feedback on your assignments for the course.

Course Content – The course includes four modules:

– Effective Management
– Employing People
– Performance Management
– Time Stress & Crisis Management

The course will aim to improve your key management skills and develop your understanding of the day to day running of a successful business. We take a broad look at management techniques and the real world situations in which they will be relevant.

Who’s this Course Suitable For? – No previous knowledge is required for you to take this course and it is suitable for anyone with a passion for management. The course will be valuable to both current management professionals as well as those looking to build a career in management.


‘My tutor always replied to my emails swiftly, and was very supportive during my studies.’

Timothy Smith, Surrey.
‘I found the learning materials very user friendly. Overall the course was interesting and worthwhile.’
Sarah Turner, Manchester.

‘I was able to work as normal and did not feel the need to leave my current job to complete my programme. This allowed me to learn whilst still earning an income.’

Mark Peters, London

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