Local Saints Supporter is a Credit to the Community!

Local Saints Supporter is a Credit to the Community!

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Eric Appleton is a true role model for the people of St Helens with his dedication to both the Saints RLFC team and the National Blood Service, for whom he has donated blood no less than 40 times!

Eric was recently rewarded for his ‘donation dedication’ to the National Blood Service by winning a competition to visit the brand new Saints ground in St Helens, which he enjoyed immensely.

NCC Home Learning are pleased to reside in the same small town as this selfless Saints fan and hope that Eric’s efforts can encourage others in the local community to donate blood at their earliest opportunity.  Blood is in constant demand and it is easy to forget how donations such as this can affect so many lives.  Donating is not always about putting your hand in your pocket!

The National Blood Service are holding regular donation sessions in St Helens and other surrounding areas.  For details of all donation sessions please visit www.blood.co.uk or call 0300 123 23 23.

Nick Cooper
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