How Much Do Know of Social Media Platforms and Their History? (Quiz)

How Much Do Know of Social Media Platforms and Their History? (Quiz)

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The list of social media networking sites is ever growing. Just when people think they have created an exhaustive list, another platform takes to the web.

Some sites are popular with a certain demographic. Cucumbertown, for example, is the go-to networking site for food connoisseurs and cooks.

Flickr is great for those who want to share their own photos and GetGlue is ideal for those in the entertainment industry.

There are other social networking sites that are popular with certain demographic areas and countries. Nexopia is popular in Canada, as is Cloob in Iran.

Not Just Facebook…

Will billions of active users worldwide, Facebook is undoubtedly popular and possibly the most well-known. Changes in its algorithm, the means by which what you see is calculated, spark confusion and concern not only amongst personal users but businesses too.

Then there are the limited characters of Twitter that force your opinions to be short and succinct. There are the photos on Pinterest and the stories on SnapChat.

Here to Stay

How and why we use social networking sites is complex. It is a natural human desire to have some level of interaction with users, whether that is lurking on your favourite social media site, watching but never commenting or whether you update your profiles, status and posts on an hour-by-hour basis.

But how much do you really know about social media. Who created them? How long has social media been around?

Now is the time to test your knowledge and take the quiz. Are you a social media mogul?

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