How Can I Become A Wedding Planner?

How Can I Become A Wedding Planner?

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The wedding industry is big business. A recent survey found that the average cost of a wedding in the UK is just over £20,000.

Not everyone chooses to spend a small fortune on their big day; some couples pay far less for a small, intimate wedding whilst other couples enjoy extravagant nuptials. No matter what they choose, a wedding planner can be an invaluable part of this process.


The average cost of a wedding in the UK is just over £20,000.

Being a wedding planner involves a whole host of skills, from being a diplomat in relations between the bride and groom and family members, negotiating deals on everything from flowers to cakes, as well as being there for when the stress gets too much and to deal with any crisis, small or large that may arise.

You need to be super-organised and open to being contacted at all times of night and day. You have to balance the budget, no matter how big or small it is… the list could go on but suffice to say, being a qualified wedding planner, as well as fully insured, is important in this competitive marketplace.

This doesn’t mean, however, spending hours commuting back and forth to college as wedding planner courses online are simply perfect, with the same high-quality materials and tutor support as a ‘taught’ course in the classroom.

In fact, studying at home for a new qualification is beneficial in many ways.

The benefits of study from home

  • Convenient – have a spare hour or two in the afternoon? Or maybe you prefer an early morning learning session? Can’t manage during the week but can study uninterrupted for a few hours on Saturday morning? The convenience of studying for a wedding planner qualification from home is that you can study when is convenient for you. So if something comes up on Tuesday, you can make up your study time another day, and so on.
  • Support – NCC Home Learning courses come complete with a 12-month tutor support package. Tutors need to be not only qualified in their field, but experienced and experts too, with a practical understanding of the wedding planning industry. Feedback is clear and concise, with clear objectives for future learning, as well as advice and suggestions.
  • Your pace – remember in school, you had an hour-long lesson and learning objectives set by a teacher? You had to keep up because falling behind was not an option. This meant that maybe you grasped some concepts really quickly, but others less so. When you study for a qualification at home, you set your own pace so if you need to go over something again, you can. Or, if you do understand a concept really quickly, you can move on quicker.
  • Comfortable – let’s be honest, not everyone is comfortable in a classroom. It can be an intimidating place for many students. But imagine being curled up on the sofa in front of the fire, working through a wedding planner course module? No pressure and all the creature comforts of home.
  • No financial worries – a career change can be tough to do, breaking into a new industry or sector, or even being self-employed, almost impossible without a basic qualification. But giving up work is not an option either, as this can lead to financial hardship that can be draining on resources, as well as you and your family. When you enrol on an online course, you can study at home, after work or your day’s off, becoming qualified in a new field without giving up your day job.
  • Cheaper too – even though online courses are of the same value and quality as those taught in classrooms, they are often cheaper. This is because overheads are minimal thus the savings are passed on to you, without compromising on tutor quality or time.

What will learn with a wedding planner qualification?
Wedding planner courses online are wide-reaching, looking at the history of marriage to how to theme a wedding, negotiate on everything from flowers to transport, as well as how to run your business so that it is profitable and successful.

Apply online today!
Even better, you don’t have to wait to start your course, no matter what time of year it is – no need to wait until September to enrol!

Choose the course you would like to complete and enrol online, either by paying a small deposit and then monthly payments, or by paying for the course in its entirety.

You can choose to complete your course online or in a paper format. Why not break into the lucrative wedding industry and be a wedding planner?

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