Why are people opting for home learning over classroom learning?

Why are people opting for home learning over classroom learning?

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Learning flexibly and in your own time is something that more and more people are being attracted to.

Home study courses, learning, online, e-learning, distance learning, whatever you choose to call it, learning flexibly and in your own time is something that more and more people are being attracted to.

And it’s not surprising when you consider that when done right, the successful completion of home learning courses can produce amazing results – and decreases cost too.

But what are the benefits of home education? Is it better than in the classroom – or is the classroom the only real setting where valuable learning can happen?

 The value of learning

Just like in the mid-20th Century when the political establishment was debating the value of learning across all of the society, in the 21st Century we are discussing the value of learning away from the traditional setting of the classroom.

For decades, the assumption was simple – for the learning to have value, to be of high quality, it needed to be teacher-led and preferably in a formal setting. Gradually, the importance of informal learning – picking things up as we go along – and thus vocational courses began to increase.

And then the Internet happened. Like many other aspects of life, it allowed so many different facets to open up and too many different people. And one sector that received a welcome boost was education.

Online colleges and trainer providers blossomed. Undoubtedly, some are better than others, offering a higher quality course that is assessed and backed by known assessment bodies. Others are perhaps lighter in touch but still had some value.

However, attitudes were slower to change but today, things are very much different. Home learning is now seen as a way of learning that has value for the person, and for the businesses or agencies for which they may currently work, or are suitable for employment in the future:

• Self-discipline & management

Taking on a home study course will mean that the student will need to make some changes and some tough decisions. When an assignment is due, it may be that the night out they had planned will be postponed. Just like a student at a college may need to do once in a while.

In effect, the self-discipline and management that a home study student needs are just as much as those who are physically at a learning venue. In fact, they may need more – working a full day, caring for the family and then sitting down to complete an hour of study. Many people now realise what home study says about them, as being who can manage their time and commit to something.

• Lower cost

As recently as November 2015, students were protesting over the cost of gaining a university education. It is politically a hot topic, the cost and the debt involved for some students when they have completed university.

For many people, the cost of some educational courses is too high, the debt too big a burden. But with home learning, the fees are much less, even with one-to-one support from tutors, many of whom are leaders in their field.

This is because there is no venue to pay for, no other utilities to pay. The cost of the course covers materials and tutor time and is, therefore, a much lower and more attainable fee.

Online providers also welcome people who pay monthly, or who want to pay upfront and in full.

• Your time, your choice

Taking on a home study course is a commitment, especially on your time. But, the beauty of this is apparent – you study at a time that suits you and when you can. You can work when you are at your best. You may be a night owl, studying well into the night or maybe you are happy when you rise an hour before the family wakes, and take in some learning at your kitchen table.

It is your course, your time, you own it. You are in control and for many learners, this is the perfect way for them to work and learn.

• Same qualification, same value

When you select a high-quality course, from are a recognised provider that offers skills assessed and approved by known and good assessment boards and agencies, you will be gaining the same qualification as someone who chooses to carry on learning in a classroom.

• Excellent support

And finally, the support that online and home learners get from their provider is high. The provider wants every single one of their students to succeed. They want them to enjoy learning, and this is why the support, both formally with one-to-one tutor support and informally through forums, is available when you need it most.

Home learning has allowed many people to access qualifications that have opened up a new sea of opportunities. And it will do the same for you.

Nick Cooper
Nick is NCC's resident blog author and covers a range of subjects, including teaching and health & social care. NCC is an international learning provider with over 20 years’ experience offering learning solutions. To date, NCC has engaged with over 20,000 employers, and delivered quality training to over half a million learners.
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